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Derek Hough Posts Nude Pic To Show Freezing Temperature, Plus What To Do If You Want More ‘Looking’

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Billy Eichner wants you to stop asking him the same question over and over so he answered it once and for all.


John Travolta may figure very prominently in Going Clear, the Scientology exposé that recently aired on HBO, but he hasn’t watched it and doesn’t plan to. He also predicts that the “religion’s” other most-famous disciple, Tom Cruise, won’t either.


The man who created the Lucille Ball sculpture has seen the error of his ways, apologized and plans to amend the great wrong he did the late comedy legend.


Dancing With the Stars Derek Hough isn’t afraid of shrinkage.


Seth Myers is the latest comic-turned-late night talk show host to blast Indiana’s ridiculous governor Mike Pence.


There’s an online petition to urge HBO to renew Looking for a third season and more than 60,000 people have signed so far. So you Raul Castillo and Jonathan Groff fans, get off the stick and do your boys a solid.

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Out actor Chad Allen, star of St. Elsewhere, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, plus countless other TV series and movies, has announced he’s moving on to a new career.