Desert Sun Reports On Gay Councilman’s Adam4Adam Account For… What Reason Exactly?

Shame on the Desert Sun newspaper and its reporter Kate McGinty…

Seriously, what is wrong with a local city councilman, who is single and openly gay, looking for sex in his off hours? Do single straight people have sex? I think they do. Do they sometimes have it with people they’ve just met, at bars or parties? Why, yes they do. So is that the new standard – if you even vaguely intimate that you’re interested in sleeping with someone else, it’s news! Because straight guys, when they go to bars, they never go looking to get laid. Oh no. It’s only for a friendly platonic drink with friends. No sex, please, we’re straight.

There are a few things going on in this story. First, homophobia. How salacious that a gay man was looking to get laid (oh my!). Second, Internet-phobia. How salacious that someone used the Internet to try to meet another human being. Kate McGinty couldn’t have cared less had an unmarried heterosexual city councilman was using eHarmony to meet women (and he indicated in his profile that he actually might just consider sleeping with those women!)…

It’s abominable that this newspaper thought it relevant to write about this.

– John Aravosis taking the Desert Sun to task for writing a non-story about Desert Hot Springs city council member Karl Baker using a photo of himself in council on his Adam4Adam account. Must’ve been a reeeeeeaaaalllly slow news day.

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