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Devin Nunes, who tried to sue a fictional cow, is once again the laughingstock of Twitter

Antigay congressman and Trump asskisser Devin Nunes announced yesterday that he’s quitting his job in the House of Representatives and won’t be seeking reelection in 2022 because he got a better gig and doesn’t give AF about public service anymore.

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Nunes says he’s “humbled and honored” to be named the CEO of ex-president Donald Trump’s crappy new social media venture, Truth Social, that hasn’t even launched yet and is already under investigation.

CNN reports:

Trump says he has secured a $1 billion investment. But Truth Social is still a fledging company that has — in its short time in the public arena — put up some serious red flags. For one, it has missed its self-imposed deadline to put out a product. When it was first announced, the site was immediately targeted successfully by hackers. And on Monday, it was revealed in public filings that the SPAC taking it public is under investigation by the SEC and FINRA.

Nunes, who, before becoming a U.S. congressman, worked as a dairy farmer, will start his new gig as CEO next month, despite having zero experience in the tech industry or as an executive.

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His abrupt departure should raise alarm bells for LGBTQ people since it means there’s going to be a lot of jockeying for the his powerful perch on the Ways and Means Committee, as well as his spot on the Intelligence Committee. And we all know when Republicans want attention, they often target marginalized communities, trying to out-hate one another to win favor with the base.

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Speaking of the base, Nunes’ departure also means there will likely be a special election to fill his seat representing California’s 22nd congressional district, which skews heavily Republican. This will not only cost taxpayers a ton of money, but it will probably bring out even more far-right wingnuts and homophobes vying for his job. So, get ready for that!

In 2019, Nunes attempted to sue a fictional cow for $250 million after a Republican strategist and the owners of @DevinCow and another parody account under the name of Nunes’ mother made fun of him on Twitter. The defamation suit was dismissed in June 2020.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about the whole thing…

Nunes better hope those checks are direct deposit.

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