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Rosie O’Donnell says there’s one person in particular who can be blamed for Donald Trump

“It would be impossible for a woman my age, who grew up on Long Island with him in the periphery of my life, since I have consciousness to remember. I remember his planes getting repossessed off the Laguardia runway. I remember his liquor that failed.

He always was just a car salesman to me, a used car salesman. He was a bad guy, like he was as bad as crazy Eddie. He just was a caricature that was full of gold lamé and nothing else. Everything about him is a lie, and I blame a lot of what has happened to our country on Mark Burnett.”Rosie O’Donnell speaking to the podcast On Brand with Donny Deutsch about her long history with Donald Trump and the role TV producer Mark Burnett played in his rise to popularity and power.