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Diary of an HIV Test

There are only a few of us left now. My counselor calls for me by first name only (thank you) and my heart revs as I stand up. Following him down the corridor everything becomes much more visceral like I’m on mushrooms. I’m taking in each potential last second as an HIV-negative person. We pass a man painting one of the offices. Will this be my final image before I freak out and threaten suicide in the counselor’s office like the guy in the pamphlet? Will the painter be seared into my brain for the rest of my life wishing I could go back to that time when I thought I was still HIV negative?


I examine the stamp in the “results” section of my HIV rapid test that reads “NEGATIVE-NON-REACTIVE.” I wonder how often the other stamp is used. My counselor tells me false-negatives are highly unlikely and, in fact, false-positives are more common. He asks if I want a copy of my results. Typically, I’m not one to keep receipts, but this time I want my paperwork.

I thank G-d, Bette Davis, and my friend Matty — all the people I imagine in Heaven looking out for me.

I leave with peace of mind. I will return in six months’ time.


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