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Did Adam Lambert’s Ugly Hat Cause a Fight With Photographers?

Well I can’t say so definitively, but I’m pretty sure anyone owning this hat would be excused for having anger management issues, because jesus, that thing is a travesty. And the leeway for getting violent extends even further when somebody is taking pictures of you actually wearing the hat. In public.

Adam Lambert “was partying on the beach [in South Beach] with friends when he got annoyed with one particular snapper for getting too close,” as Radar proudly exhibits. “‘He was on the beach with about six people,’ said an eyewitness. ‘They were all rocker types. Some of them were in the water but Adam was sitting in a chair playing about with his friends, telling jokes and having a few drinks. ‘After about an hour he told the photographer who was near him to go home – the photographer said he couldn’t until Adam left. ‘Then all of a sudden Adam leapt at the guy he’d told to go away. The photographer tried to get away but Adam grabbed at him. ‘Adams friends pulled the singer away and they went back to their hotel – in the end nobody looked hurt.'”

Yes but WAS THE HAT OKAY?!?!

UPDATE: Lambert now faces battery charges — until they are quickly dismissed by a judge rolling her eyes.