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Did Sal Finally Get Lucky on Mad Men? (Spoilers!)

Aside from watching Don Draper get rough with his underlings, our favorite scenes on Mad Men involve Sal getting in on with dudes. How well did things go this week? (SPOILERS AHEAD.)


For whatever reason, Bryan Batt’s character Sal didn’t want to get it on in the editing suite with Lee, the son of Lucky Strike’s honcho (that’s in the clip above). Lee demands Sal be fired. You know, to avoid any awkwardness. Sal tells Don what happens, Don gets angry (complete with a “You people” line!), but doesn’t bring up that bellhop incident. Not that it saves Sal’s job. (That’s in the second clip.)

Fast-forward to the episode’s end, and Sal ends up where any down on his luck closeted homo does: cruising in the park. (That’s in the last clip, cue to 42:35.)

(And yes, the first two clips are flipped horizontally from the original broadcast.)