Did Scientology Destroy Crash Screenwriter Paul Haggis’ Marriage?

Hollywood screenwriter Paul Haggis (Crash, Million-Dollar Baby) and his wife, Deborah Rennard, have filed for divorce.

Last year in a shocking New Yorker piece that had readers talking for months, Haggis spoke about his decision to leave the Church of Scientology after it supported Prop 8. Haggis has two daughters that are lesbians.

But is this divorce news the vengeance of L. Ron Hubbard?

“These people have long memories,” Haggis warned writer Lawrence Wright in the New Yorker piece. “My bet is that, within two years, you’re going to read something about me in a scandal that looks like it has nothing to do with the church.”

Well, the timing’s right, but is divorce really a scandal?

Now, if John Travolta exposed himself to Haggis at a Scientology retreat, that would be scandalous.

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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    “Haggis has two daughters that are lesbians.”

    Lesbians might not be your sex objects to you but they not objects to anyone; they are people.

    Haggis has two daughters WHO are lesbians.

  • Kev C

    Another marriage ruined by operating thetans. If only he had listened to his reactive mind.

  • Harry

    Haggis committed the worst sin in the “Church” of Scientology — he doubted. Once you doubt or question ANYTHING about the policies, writings, or actions of the cult of Scientology, you will be vilified. The cult spent part of an issue of their in-cult magazine, incongruously called FREEDOM, trashing Paul Haggis and Lawrence Wright (who wrote the New Yorker article). Yet, Paul Haggis was not the richest, but probably their most accomplished member.

  • Karl

    Wow, is he married to the actress who played JRs secretary Sly in ‘Dallas’?

  • Chris

    Doesn’t really make sense. Deborah Rennard’s parents were Scientologists, and like many Scientologists they ended up excommunicated. The only people Scientology hates more than psychiatrists are ex-Scientologists. The church ordered her to stop seeing them, which was one the reasons Haggis denounced them, although he did say the primary reason was the mistreatment of his daughters.

    Now if you want to get all conspiracy, imagine that they sent Rennard pics of Haggis and Travolta on the disco floor and that was the reason for the divorce. But that’s about as likely as flying all the way to Teegeeack in a DC-8.

  • Kev C

    It sounds like Scientology is hotbed of closeted behavior. It must be all that clandestine secrecy that comes from being in this “church”. Everything is on the QT and the DL.

  • Matt

    Mike in Asheville-Stop being so damn PC. His daughters are lesbians. Nothing said in the original article refers to them as “sex objects”. Despite the fact his daughters are dykes there is no link with this article to LGBT issues at all.



  • Caleb

    @Matt: Matt, stop douching out. He was not being “PC.” He was making a grammatical point. I swear, education in this country has gone to crap and we vilify mediocrity in all things.

  • Caleb


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