Did Scientology Destroy Crash Screenwriter Paul Haggis’ Marriage?

Hollywood screenwriter Paul Haggis (Crash, Million-Dollar Baby) and his wife, Deborah Rennard, have filed for divorce.

Last year in a shocking New Yorker piece that had readers talking for months, Haggis spoke about his decision to leave the Church of Scientology after it supported Prop 8. Haggis has two daughters that are lesbians.

But is this divorce news the vengeance of L. Ron Hubbard?

“These people have long memories,” Haggis warned writer Lawrence Wright in the New Yorker piece. “My bet is that, within two years, you’re going to read something about me in a scandal that looks like it has nothing to do with the church.”

Well, the timing’s right, but is divorce really a scandal?

Now, if John Travolta exposed himself to Haggis at a Scientology retreat, that would be scandalous.

Photo: GDC Graphics