Did True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten Show His Impaler?

Fans of HBO’s True Blood know that Jason Stackhouse, Ryan Kwanten‘s sex-on-legs character, keeps his brains in his pants. He’d probably put his hand in a wood-chipper if he thought it’d get him laid. So we weren’t sure what we’d see when we clicked on an alleged photo of Kwanten displaying his erect peen. Actual gray matter?

When an image appeared on’s unrated site,, we just had to look.

(NSFW full-frontal shot here)

Yes, it’s probably a fake—if only for the fact that Kwanten couldn’t be dumb (or drunk) enough to flash the goods in a random bathroom like that.

But if it is indeed fake, it’s our favorite kind: A good fake.

Now we have something we can think about the next time Jason beds a vampire, werewolf, witch, tooth fairy or whatever he puts his wick into next week.


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