Didn’t Fox News Used to Commend Kevin Jennings’ GLSEN? Yup

Isn’t Fox News supposed to be the bully pulpit for attacks on Kevin Jennings? Then how come, once upon a time, even Bill O’Reilly was showing love for GLSEN, the national organization Jennings founded to foster safer schools?

The above Hillary Duff ad got a nod from O’Reilly, which was part of GLSEN’s “Think Before You Speak” campaign. But all that was before Jennings took a position in the Obama administration. Then O’Reilly’s network became obsessed with targeting Jennings about that 16-year-old kid Brewster he counseled. Oh, right, that 16-year-old, who Fox News had to issue a clarification about because they got the boy’s age (and age of consent status) wrong.

But just because they got Brewster’s age wrong, and at one point supported Jennings’ work, doesn’t mean they have to love the guy now. Sean Hannity, for one, is making it his personal mission (along with the American Family Association and National Organization for Marriage) to get Jennings fired … because he is a gay man who started a gay organization and promotes tolerance and acceptance of gays.