Dirty Ladies Margaret Cho and Sherry Vine Don’t Let Their Fingers Do The Talking

You probably did it last night. Heck, you’re probably doing it right now at the office. Sexting is how horny guys and gals communicate these days. Phone sex is so 20th century. Dirty e-mails take too much work (and make it too easy to get caught). Just let your thumbs do the typing and keep your sexed-up messages to 140 characters or less.

Unless you’re Margaret Cho and Sherry Vine, that is. Our favorite Asian comedian/actress called up one of America’s foremost drag queens and, with the help of DJ Gomi, the two funny ladies created the dirty ditty “Sexting.”

Instead of praising and partaking of the practice, the girls explain how they’d rather have the real thing. (Wouldn’t we all?)

“You don’t understand why your messages go unanswered…Can’t you see when it comes to getting down, oh baby I need that skin-on-skin action.”

Download the track on iTunes or listen to the  song—and the story of how it came together—on the latest episode of the Swish Edition, featuring Vine, performance legend Joey Arias (Zumanity, Arias with a Twist) and loads of gay hilarity.

Scott Wallis is co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy and interview talk show. He does a little sexting every day but no one ever writes back.


Photo via Margaret Cho & Sherry Vine

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