Dodging F-Bombs With Bachelorette Auteur Leslye Headland

There are people who are going to watch the movie and be super offended by it. And there are people who are going to watch it and go, ‘Oh, thank god.’ You can’t make everybody happy all of the time. You have to go out there and stay true to your voice and look to the people that inspired you and some people might say ‘F— you” and that sucks. Or you might make The Apartment [one of her inspirations for Bachelorette]. I’d rather take that chance and piss off some people because I know that my heart’s in the right place and I know how I feel about those issues.

“There was this one guy that came up to me after a screening and he was like, ‘That was the biggest piece of f—-n’ filth. So f—–n vulgar,’ you know, just dropping F-bombs, and I just nodded along like, ‘Right, right. Yeah, got it. VulgarYou’re not vulgar at all for using the F-word at a woman you don’t even know, though.’ There’s something about the characters being women that just upset him and I’m sorry about that. But not really since he’s obviously never met one.”

— Bachelorette writer-director Leslye Headland on pissing people off at a recent roundtable for the movie.