Does It Matter If You Say ‘Gay Marriage’ or ‘Marriage Equality’? Or No Big Diff?

On this website, we often use the phrase “gay marriage” to refer to the right for same-sex couples to marry. Some people have a problem with this! Like: Activists! “Gay marriage” is too restrictive a phrase, argue the folks from Freedom to Marry, and does not accurately reflect what they’re fighting for. Saying “gay marriage” implies gays want some “special” right, which isn’t true at all! They just want “marriage equality.” And that is the term they want everyone using. We’re still going to interchange the two, mostly because of space limitations when writing headlines, but also because when we’re afraid the polygamists are going to hijack “marriage equality” for their own nefarious uses. Even the cute twink guy in the beginning of the video acnowledges as much: “We are fighting for the freedom to marry for every American.” Run for the hills!