Does Michael Lucas Have A Job?

Porn mogul Michael Lucas took some time today to send an open letter to our editor, Andrew Belonsky. He also sent it to his entire email list.

We didn’t want you guys to feel left out, so you can read it and laugh your ass off – after the jump, of course.

To the “editor” Andrew Belonsky,

A few points about all of this ugly and disturbing discussion that is going on your site.

First, you are saying that Michael Lucas is irrelevant, yet your search engine will show that, you sir, made over 80 postings about Michael Lucas in just 2 years!!! Always hateful and nasty, but no less, there are over 80 postings about the man you call irrelevant. You sir, are a hypocrite. A classic hypocrite, and if anything, you are obsessed with Michael Lucas, just as a few of your readers, who keep posting the same comments about his looks using different aliases. So it is not Michael Lucas who should get over himself, it is you who should get over Michael Lucas.

Today you emailed directly to “irrelevant” Michael Lucas at least four times, you called him a “hommie”(!) and accused him of making grammar mistakes in his comments. You are well aware that Michael Lucas came to this country ten years ago without any English skills, so I believe he is doing well for himself. Michael speaks three languages. How many languages can you manage, Mr. Belonsky? And let’s not even start talking about your writing; it’s poor at best. And that is quite embarrassing for someone who had a privilege to be born and educated in this country. You should stop trying to be Perez Hilton, You have neither the imagination nor the knowledge for such success.

Michael came to this country with nothing and built the biggest adult company on the east coast. He is on the covers of hundreds magazines all over the world, and the press cannot get enough of him. He lectures in the most prestigious American universities. He is invited to all the most glamorous events. He has great friends from all fields of life, from famous actors to writers to fashion designers, and from lawyers to doctors… the list is long. He brought his entire family to the United States and gave them a great life. This is what is called the American dream.

Now, what did you achieve? To be the editor of a tacky online blog? A blog that before you took over was smart and entertaining and now is labeled as “toxic to the gay community” by magazines like V* and has lost all its advertisers and readership since? What are your accomplishments? What do you have to offer other than these hateful postings that you accumulate throughout the day? You should be truly embarrassed of yourself, your blog, and your “career.” In comparison to Michael, you are nothing but a loser.

Let’s not mention the anti-Semites that you’ve attracted to this site. You are a magnet for the worst.

PS – It’s funny that Michael Lucas seems to be the only one who generates any kind of dicussion [sic] on your website. Always over 30 comments compared to the average 2-3 for your other postings.

*Michael Lucas is mistaken. V never called Queerty “toxic”. It was, in fact, a commenter calling themselves “V,” but whatever…