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Does The Navy Deserve Applause For Its Swift Handling Of Capt. Owen Honors?

Even though the Navy originally went with a statement that insisted Capt. Owen Honors’ drag-fag videos were “not created with the intent to offend anyone” and “were intended to be humorous skits focusing the crew’s attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation, ship cleanliness, etc.,” brass there quickly wised up to how serious the situation was, and replaced that sentiment with a statement saying “production of the videos … were not acceptable then and are still not acceptable in today’s Navy. The Navy does not endorse or condone these kinds of actions.” That, combined with the quick ouster (or at least temporary removal of) Owens, has Gay Inc. lauding the Navy’s handling of the situation. Does this mean we all get to rally around Adm. Gary Roughead, the current naval chief, who’s been easing up on his views of gay servicemembers?

Last night Anderson Cooper spoke with Kirk Lippold, former commanding officer of the USS Cole, and Katie Miller, who left West Point over DADT, who says it’s “possible to get rid of these sort of incidents” like the ones involving Owens.

Of course we’re only having this conversation because Capt. Honors’ videos, made in 2006 and 2007, went public. Members of the Navy, including top brass, undoubtedly knew of their existence back when they were made. As Lippold points out, the timing of the videos is very curious. It’s not as if the clips were accidentally released; they were purposefully leaked to the media by sailors.

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