Body talk

Donald Trump has an awfully strange poker tell, and there’s video to prove it

In David Mamet’s House of Games, a professional confidence trickster explains why he’s so good at playing poker: He looks for a “tell” from his opponent — a nervous gesture like fidgeting with his gold ring — that suggests the man is bluffing.

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Well, television host Jimmy Kimmel has apparently been clocking President Donald Trump for some time– and he’s found a rather annoying “tell” that suggests the billionaire blowhard is either a consistent liar or suffers a really bad case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Probably both.

The long and short of it: Trump has a conspicuous tendency to fiddle with objects in his immediate vicinity whenever he sits down for a meeting.

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See his hands. Look at the fingers. Trump is particularly fond of shuffling around coasters or moving water glasses across the table like he’s playing Ouija, but he’s also into dicking around with folders and dossiers, too.

Take a look: