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Officer Accused Of Underage Scandal May Have Been Framed By His Con Man Boyfriend


Earlier this month, we told you about Sgt. Jonathan E. Moore, a 35-year-old Schenectady police sergeant currently under investigation for highly suspicious business dealings, particularly an alleged attempt to buy a sports car with a counterfeit check.

As Times Union reports, it’s now looking as though Moore was framed by his boyfriend, a conman named Anthony F. Aubin.

There’s also no evidence to support the claim that Moore was involved in underage “breeding” parties or was sexually involved with a teenage boy.

“At this point it does not appear like our guy did anything wrong,” Albany police Chief Brendan Cox told the paper.

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While at a Colonie auto dealership with Aubin, Moore was arrested on felony charged for trying to use a bad check to buy a $92,000 2016 Jaguar coupe.

Aubin has a prolific criminal record and was recently on parole, and Moore admitted he regularly used a police computer to check Aubin’s parole status.

He also claimed to have “debt issues.” Aubin promised to “help me get out of debt” by producing “gay porn” films for a Florida company called Bear Films, he told authorities.

But now it seems the two men never actually had a genuine contract with the company. Instead, Aubin may have tricked Moore with an elaborate ruse that involved him calling and pretending to be various adult industry execs.

Moore has told investigators that he was expecting $400,000 for his XXX work, which, no.

“The whole thing is a tangled web of deceit,”  Colonie police Lt. Robert Wynn tells Times Union. “As of right now, he (Moore) is being considered a witness and a victim currently, but that could also change.”

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During the investigation, several pornographic photos of the men were unearthed, shot at Moore’s home a few months back. These were apparently going to be used to help them snare an impossible contract to produce gay porn.

Right now, the investigation is on hold while officers decide whether anybody should face charges or if this is all simply too ludicrous to pursue in any shape or form.

However, Moore did apparently illegally access that criminal database, but that’s a far cry from freewheeling underage orgies and all the rest of it.

If you want to delve deeper into this serpentine pile of confusion, you can read more about the bizarre case here.

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