Heart-shaped horror

What Donald Trump Jr. gave his wife on Valentine’s Day is more hideous than VD

Hmm, where to begin?

Donald Trump Jr. has popped onto Twitter to share what we’ll go ahead and call “a foofy towelscape” commissioned for wife Vanessa in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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Those plump rose petals. That heart-shaped towel tableaux. And the piece de resistance: a swanlike “towel tower.”

The cumulative effect resembles those elaborate hints serial killers leave behind to taunt investigators:

h/t: New York

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    This is not in any conceivable way LGBT related. Stop it. Stick to criticising policy. (If youre even up to it) Isn’t that juicy and scandalous enough? This is petty and distracting and best done elsewhere.

    • happy50132003

      What a bullshit article. Derek is not a journalist but a jerk. Not enough issues to discuss but Derek thinks harassing the Trumps is what we want to read. Well we don’t. Get off harassing the Trumps. Write something with some intelligence.

    • davidkohl

      Mockery is a legitimate political tool, and everything that family does concerns the lgbt ‘community’. This site is not just here to deal with the ‘serious’ political stories – its here to cover all stories that may interest its readership. The Trumps put themselves in the spotlight and must be prepared to take the criticism and mocking if it is warranted. Why announce something to the whole world and then expect no one will comment. Trump is forever tweeting about the pettiest of things that upset him. You people who criticise the coverage of this story need to waken up and smell the political reality. You cant play nice with the devil. Trump Junior is not a ‘kid’ – he is a grown man who has chosen to ally himself with his father’s odious policies. He is a legitimate target.


      @davidkohl: Swiftian satire, with a greater point, this is not. There’s more than enough genuinely and seriously worrying stuff being perpetrated by this administration, that is MORE THAN WORTHY OF MOCKERY without resorting to this base level petty vindictiveness — like y’know LGBT angles (supposedly this site’s actual raison d’ètre!!!) which are being pushed aside for this distracting, irrelevant and unfocused trash.

    • davidkohl

      Then we have to agree to disagree. Who is more vindictive and petty than your President himself? You must have heard the expression ‘fight fire with fire’. In normal circumstances I would agree with your views, but we have a very abnormal situation. In my opinion, those who don’t criticise the disgusting behaviour, utterances and now policies of this administration are fair targets. Mockery does not have to be clever or funny. It just is. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. And this site is not just for the ‘serious’ issues. It is here to cater for ALL LGBT people and their friends.

  • LE7102

    Soooooo … the pictures of the dead people is what was given? I don’t understand this story at all. What I took from this is the first .gif file to send to friends when they as what I’ve been up to all day.

    • happy50132003

      Derek is a Fing idiot is why he wrote the article. What a STUPID article and Derek is not a journalist.

  • RIGay

    Inspired by cruise ships around the world…

    Though by the title of the topic, I was expecting to see, like, a mounted wildebeest head. That would have been hideous.

    This is just lame, affluent, frat boy, “Look what my money bought” garbage.

  • ddh

    Wow, how petty and pathetic can you guys be to attack someone for doing something nice for their wife on Valentine’s day just because they don’t share your political beliefs? I’m sure her millionaire husband showered her with other gifts that aren’t up to your impeccable standards but no doubt she is perfectly happy with them nonetheless.

    • scotshot

      He had a $5.00/hour maid do it. If Junior believes that’s fine art – and you agree with him – so be it.

      Money doesn’t buy you class.

  • nmharleyrider

    Probably bought it at the Dollar Tree.

  • Bob LaBlah

    You guys down at Queerty are posting too many articles in too short a time frame. Mundane stuff like this is why people are being turned off to you. More does not always translate into better.

    • scotshot

      And yet here you are.

  • captainburrito

    It was a bit tacky if he paid for it but the gifs were just OTT and seems like you are trying to hard to criticize Trump by attacking one of his kids. It’s not as if there is a shortage of crap that Trump does so why become so petty?

  • Glitterstorm

    This is beneath you guys.
    Senselessly attacking one of Trump’s children, because of your distaste for Trump.
    I really can’t see one thing wrong in what he did – only in how you pitched it.
    This is, by far, the pettiest attempt at character assassination I’ve seen recently.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      he’s the one who had the ‘good taste’ to post so he’s the one who actually invited ‘the attacks’. and, btw, he’s a grown man. i’m pretty sure he’ll get over it.

    • scotshot

      Trump’s “children” are adults (except Barron who we can’t talk about) who are involved in this horribly unfunny piece of performance art.

      If you see nothing wrong, you have zero taste yourself.

      There is no character assassination as he posted it himself – and even if he didn’t, all the better.


  • paul dorian lord fredine

    looks like bed bath and beyond had a sale.

  • Mo Bro

    Free of an agenda
    (except that one to showcase how petty and malicious and childlike we are)

    • scotshot

      If you can’t have any fun go sit in the corner Missy.

    • Mo Bro

      It seems your idea of “fun” involves manufactured outrage.
      That. Is. So. Adorable.

  • kehvan

    You people make me ashamed to call myself gay.

    I didn’t vote for Trump nor did I vote for Hillary, but the way the left wing is acting is making the decision for 2020 a lot clearer.

    No pun intended.

    • ChrisK

      You should be ashamed for not voting.

    • DMRX

      And even more ashamed if you voted for one of the underdogs to “make a statement.” That’s how we ended up with this Cheeto-in-chief.

  • He BGB

    VD? Haven’t heard that since the 60s or 70s. Kinda nice to hear it again. Venerial Disease for those too young to remember or S*T*D for post AIDS. Now let’s see if this posts…..

  • brooklynbobby

    HA HA HA HA!!!! Everyone is all of a sudden oh so sensitive! HA!
    What ever happened to my little bitchy queen sense of humor girlfriends!!!
    Seriously and you call yourselves gay boys.
    Mama Rivers would take you all out behind the woodshed and give you all good paddling.
    Have we really forgotten to stop and just laugh once in a while?
    Come the man obviously put it out there to bring a little levity back into his world.
    So of course the people at Queerty took it a little too far but it’s still just a joke.
    Yes it does look like Bed Bath and Beyone had a sale LOL Sorry I just stole that from you Paul Dorian Lord Fredine but at least your comment was more in line with some of the last little bit of sense of humor that we are apparently aloud to to give ourselves.
    And KehVAN you should be ashamed to call yourself gay changing the spelling of the name our parents gave you to something so goddamn pretentious you silly little queen! LOL PUHLEEZE

    • happy50132003


    • Jack Meoff

      Bye @happy50132003 you won’t be missed. I doubt that you are even a member of our community but rather a troll trying to sway opinion.

  • QGridster64

    Hey Derek,

    You’re an ass.

  • mhoffman953

    This post is stupid and sounds like click-bait. What does this have to do with anything remotely gay related?

    Is this even scandalous?

    Why compare it to scenes with murder victims? 90% of this website’s articles have become Trump family and administration bashing even if its just random non-newsworthy and non-gay related items

  • ejmac1967

    It’s called Freedom of the Press. Derek can post any damn article on here he wants. If you don’t like it, click off and don’t read it.

  • Jack Meoff

    The towel arrangement is hideous and deserves to be mocked in it’s own right and Donald Jr deserves to be mocked for posting it on Twitter. That being said the article does seem to go off the rails a bit with the gifs used of supposed comparable hideousness but what is most over the top is the comments here in relation to this story. One person expressed their displeasure at Queerty for posting off topic articles and then everyone else just jumped on board with feigned outrage and took it to the next level. Why is it that the articles that everyone disapproves off or thinks are not worthy of being published get the most comments? Could it be because everyone who comments here just loves to find things to disapprove of and likes to attack on mass with a mob mentality.

    • mhoffman953

      We’re the consumers of the information and we have the right to complain about the product being delivered to us.

      If they don’t like our opinions or comments regarding these stories that have nothing to do with anything gay, then they shouldn’t allow comments

      How come there are no stories about famous gay couples and the things they got each other for Valentine’s day? Why was this famous couple chosen? Based on the comments, many of us find this story pointless

  • Tracy Pope

    It’s a scandal I tell you. A SCANDAL. We must get to the bottom of this.
    “… more hideous than VD”? Is that Valentine’s Day or venereal disease?
    Either way I wonder… Are you twelve years old?
    Of all the things to go after the Trumps for, this is the most absurd.
    Click-bait-y claptrap.
    On a lighter note – bf’s valentine’s bed included a sling and various accoutrements ;)

  • bradleyjohn_wats

    I don’t know what everyone’s so butt hurt about. Queerty’s not known for it’s crack reporting OR it’s roster of less than capable writers.

  • ErikO

    More useless articles from queerty.

  • John

    Poor headline and the comments from sad, bitchy, bitter queens. It was intended as a sweet, romantic thought…what did your tricks do for you on VD? aaww thats so sweet they logged off grinder or scruff while you were together, that is soooo sweet

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