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Donnie Davies Mystery Deepens

Speaking of stabs, people are still taking stabs at identifying everyone’s favorite maybe homo-hating rocker, Donnie Davies.

Yesterday we suggested Donnie may be improv performer Todd Quillen, a hypothesis first offered at Joe. My. God. The kids over at Good as You, meanwhile, wondered if DD’s actually the alter ego of a man named Colby Starck: the drummer in a music group called The Glass Gypsies – an aural-minded assembly listed as one of Love Gods Way’s banned bands. Stark’s suspiciously white, pudgy face made him a notable suspect, leading a number of other blogs to speculate that he is, in fact, Donnie Davies. Apparently, however, they’re all wrong.

Radar sleuth Jeff Bercovici contacted Stark, who insists he is not, in fact, Donnie Davies. Bercovici reports: S

tarck tells Radar he’s not the hoaxer. “While I’m getting a kick out of the hoopla, I’m not Donnie Davies,” he says. In fact, he adds, the photos in which he looks like Davies are several years old; Starck has since lost weight and shaved his mustache. “I’m not as fat as he is, but it’s really the love that I have in my heart for homosexuals that distinguishes us,” he says.

Thus, the mystery continues…

(Note: while we’re not entirely convinced Donnie Davies actually exists, we aren’t ruling out the possibility that our sexually repressive and deeply religious culture could, in fact, spawn a ridiculous caricature such as the DD. Seriously, everything else about our day and age seems absurd – hello, Ted Haggard – so why couldn’t this be real, too?)