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Don’t You Hate It When People Block Your View of Hate Parades?

The audacity of some homosexuals, standing there with their faggy umbrellas blocking a good family’s view of the National Organization for Marriage’s Albany rally. You’re intimidating, ya queers!

“Some people came in line and stood in front of me so I couldn’t see,” says one attendee. “And they just stood there blocking my view, and stood there in front of my family with signs about their agenda. They were the gay movement and they were with signs in front of me, blocking me, me and my family. They would not [move].”

I won’t stand aside for one more second while traditional families are being bothered — IN PUBLIC!!

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  • Skyler

    If she wanted to feed her kid, why didn’t SHE just turn around? Besides, it was a speech, you don’t have to WATCH a speech, you LISTEN to speeches. What difference does not being able to see the person talking make?

  • Robert




  • scott ny'er

    sorry, i’m going to be blunt and mean (which isn’t proactive). This dumbass got intimidated by a bunch of queers just standing there? RLY? SRSLY?

    Wow, she better not head to gang territory. God only knows what she’ll feel then.

  • Lamar

    The queers were right to do what they did, they can shove their marriage rallys where the sun don’t shine for all I care.

  • Qjersey


    It’s not like the queers followed them out of the park then beat them senseless, sprayed obscenities on their home or worse fire bombed it, threw bottles at them from moving cars…

  • CJ

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here in saying this. But, it seems odd that they umbrella guys would choose to stand in front of a mom and her kids. I’m glad that a few of the guys turned around when she asked them to (so that she could feed her baby). Call me old fashioned. But, I think that women and moms deserve more respect, even if I disagree with their beliefs. This mom was obviously just sitting on the grass with her young kids. Go stand somewhere else with the umbrellas vs. singing out a mom. It doesn’t matter what she believes, whether it’s hate or whatever. We don’t need to lower ourselves to make statements. We’d get more “mileage” in protests if we treated other people better than they treat us. If we start disrespecting others, even in small ways, we become no better than others who disrespect us.

  • Guttersnipe

    @CJ: There was no disrespect shown in the video at all. The comments from the woman didn’t prove any disrespect other than not being able to see. In fact, the photos showed that there was space on both sides of the umbrellas. If she couldn’t see, she could move. And they weren’t lowering themselves to anything. They stood there and obstructed a view. That is called non-violent action. Also, if she is breast feeding, she can turn away to feed her children. It wasn’t like she wasn’t being seen by other passersby or attendees while she was breast feeding.

    I agree that we don’t need to lower ourselves to the oppositions tactics and that we need to be respectful as we make our case. There is NO proof of disrespect. And…this video is being promoted by National Organization for Marriage. If they can’t even find a concrete example of clear disrespect to promote, it probably was even less of an issue than they tried to make it seem in this video.

  • Devon

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • edgyguy1426

    This in NOM’s feeble attempt to make their ‘TOUR’ mean something, get people riled up so they will turn out. When you see the comments after the Youtube video which run about 99% in our favor, you can sense the beginning of the end for NOM. Yes, Mormons, these are your contribution $ hard at work. HAHAHAHAHA

  • hephaestion

    Wow, that must be the stupidest woman on earth. She couldn’t move a few feet if she was so unhappy? This group that made this video starts it out by saying she & her children were “bullied and intimidated” by the mean gay people, yet they show ZERO evidence of any kind of bullying. Absurd!!!

  • SammySeattle

    What was the view the protestors were blocking? I’m assuming it must have been her view of the backs of the attendees of the rally as is clearly visible in the video at 2:21

  • RomanHans

    > sorry, i’m going to be blunt and mean (which isn’t proactive). This dumbass
    > got intimidated by a bunch of queers just standing there? RLY? SRSLY?

    You left out the part about them holding colorful umbrellas. I’ll bet Mary Poppins scares the shit out of this chick.

  • Rashid

    What a dimwit. Jump off a bridge.

  • Imnotlion

    How about if you put it like this:

    Six (or so) STRAIGHT men stood in front of a lesbian woman and her two children, blocking her from seeing a gay rights protest speech.

    Change anything?

    I’ve been intimidated by people “just standing there” before, and by the looks of it these are a handful of burly men “fighting for gay rights” against a woman and some toddlers.

    Yeah, really made a difference there.

  • tjr101

    I feel so sorry for those kids, what a dumb mother they have.

  • B

    No. 14 · Imnotlion wrote, “I’ve been intimidated by people ‘just standing there’ before, and by the looks of it these are a handful of burly men ‘fighting for gay rights’ against a woman and some toddlers.”

    Amazing what you can do with a good choice of lens, camera position, and background music, isn’t it? You can’t tell much from the video, even who got there first. Why didn’t she move 10 feet to the side or move in front of those guys, who were just standing their quietly? It just looks like a set up.

  • Mike

    Umbrellas are gathering. They’re colorful. They’re held by gays. And I…am afraid.

  • DR

    Wasn’t this that silent witness group doing the blocking? The ones we see at Pride events doing the whole “counter the protesters” thing?

    I’m torn. On one hand, she could have gotten up and moved, it’s that simple. On the other, she shouldn’t have to, and Imnotlion has a good point; change this to gay family being blocked by straight folks at gay event, and you’d all be screaming bloody murder.

  • Dan

    Enjoy your growing majority of immigrants that are far more socially conservative than whites.


    Vile hateful cunt. Go back to your own county….

  • Rachel


    Do you know why the scenario you provided is completely different from the one in the video? Because LGBT-identified people have a long legacy (and continued threat) of being bullied, harassed, assaulted (see: Staten Island couple), raped, and murdered by homophobic straight people. I know of no comparable systematic or individual gay threat of violence against straight people. It is just not as likely to happen. Violence and intimidation are real threats for LGBT people, not so much for people like this woman. Your comparison holds no water because it’s socially unprecedented.

  • Rachel


    *raises hand* Child of two Latin American immigrants, here. Both of them support my marriage rights. Please don’t paint with such a broad brush.

  • N

    It’s funny because at least two of her children are from different fathers. Since when does the bible allow divorce? Fucking hypocritical bitch.

  • Jeffrey

    I just watched the video and this brave woman’s courage is so inspiring! Her view was blocked and yet she held her ground and stuck to her guns! This is what makes America great: people facing grave danger and facing their fears and holding it all together and not coming unglued! I once had my view blocked at a rock concert and I’m ashamed to say I let my fears get the better of me and just listened to the concert without having the lead singer in direct sight. For days I beat myself up over my embarrassing display of cowardice. But I learned from that experience, and grew as a person.

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