Douche of the Week: Florida Congressman Allen West Calls LGBT Community “Intolerable”

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Oh, how the douche juices floweth when it comes to Florida Republican Congressman Allen Bernard West.

Endorsed by Sarah Palin, West was the keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, is a member of the congressional Tea Party Caucus, and voted to extend the Patriot Act. What a gem!

Oh, and he hates the gays. Surprised? After learning that West was a confirmed speaker at the Wilton Manors Business Association (WMBA) on August 8, many members of Florida’s LGBT community sent letters requesting his removal.

Earlier this week, a disinvited and grumpy West sent a letter on official Congressional stationary, calling the concerned community members “intolerable individuals.” A community in action, standing up for their rights is intolerable?

Please. Pad Thai in your underwear drawer is intolerable. There’s a difference.

Back in June, he  fired an intern for retweeting a pro-gay tweet. The original post came from the Scissor Sisters’ Ana Matronic and read “Dear Tracy Morgan’s son: if you are gay, you can totallycome live with me. We’ll read James Baldwin & watch Paris is Burning. xxANA”

Shortly after, West tweeted,  “Very sorry about the unauthorized RT. We were not hacked, an intern made an error. Apologies to all.” (Both tweets have since been deleted.)

But the moldy cherry on top that earned West the esteemed DOTW award was an incident at a speaking engagement in late July, when West bashed the repeal of DADT, saying “When you take the military and you tell it they must conform to the individual’s behavior, then it’s just a matter of time before you break down the military.”  Asked how Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal was different from the racial integration of the military in the 1950s, West replied, “Let me explain something to you. I can’t change my color. People can change their behavior, but I can’t change my color.”

This guy should have lunch with Michele and Marcus Bachmann. They’d have so much to talk about.

All together now: “What a douche!”


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  • catinhat

    I do believe that he is the very same nutcase who freaked out and called a congresswoman vile and despicable because she dared to criticize his views.

  • mr dave

    OK who has pics of this guy taking it up the butt..they must be out there somewhere….

  • greenmusic23f

    @catinhat: Yup, the very same. Sounds like like he feels threatened a bit — like all the time. Poor guy ;)

  • OklahomaBreakdown

    Anyone else have a “Help Congressman Allen West” donation advertisement on the right side bar of your screen?

  • tjr101

    Oh the GOP always manages to create these gems don’t they.

  • Desdemona

    You can’t change your color Mr.West? how do you explain Michael Jackson then??

    Sexual orientation is not behavior you fool, it’s an innate trait.

  • Ambrose

    “West replied, ‘Let me explain something to you. I can’t change my color. People can change their behavior, but I can’t change my color.'”

    Very revealing quote. Clearly, if he *could* change his color, he would regard it as quite reasonable for others to demand that he do so. Why, he might even be eager. How do you spell “Tobey?”

  • Pete n SFO

    The 80’s haircut & glasses have to go, but I kinda want to see him naked. :)

    I feel dirty. lol

  • gregger

    He’s an ignorant, misogynistic, and homophobic bully. He doesn’t live in the district he represents. He is a typical CPAC RethugliKKKan.

  • inoits2

    WTF. I just saw a donation ad for Allen West in the side column of Queerty.

  • Ian

    LOL I love how there’s an advertisement for West’s campaign pledges next to this post calling him a douche. And he is a GIANT douchebag.

  • ewe

    One may modify behavior but not sexual orientation. Notice how he conveniently does not take that leap of intellect. Essentially this black evangelical bigot would have to be saying that straight people should not fuck anymore either if he had any credibility. But he is not saying that at all. He is spreading hate and promoting crimes against gay people and giving a pass to straight people to be as promiscuous as much as they want for as long as they want just as long it is men screwing women figuratively and literally. WOW. What a new concept in the human experience Ms. West. He should not be surprised when he gets called a nigger specifically when he is acting like one.

  • ewe

    Allen West changed the rules of the game so now we all get to play.

  • HM

    Geez, Another black guy claiming exclusive ownership of civil rights and suffering from oppression. Shocked, shocked I tell you.

  • bluechip244

    A disgrace to the black race and a mandingo to the Rebublican and Tea Parties. Imagine that. Jerk certainly does not speak for me. Why do they love the brothers that are rejected by the Dems?

  • Dallas David

    Asked how Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal was different from the racial integration of the military in the 1950s, West replied, “Let me explain something to you. I can’t change my color. People can change their behavior, but I can’t change my color.”

    One way to avoid that sort of response would be to substitute “freedom for religious minorities” for “racial integration.” West is an intellectual pygmy for not understanding the similarities, but it would be a lot quicker and simpler just to shift to the struggle for religious freedom.
    People who “choose” to be Jewish, Jehovah Witness, Muslim, Mormon, Catholic, Wiccan, or atheist, etc. can’t be discriminated against because of their “religious choices.” Not that being gay is actually a choice that can be changed, but it is a characteristic of a significant % of humans that offends nothing but a few religion’s authoritarian decrees.

    So, If this congressman doesn’t want to talk about the similarities of gay rights and racial rights because homosexuality is a choice, then shift to the similarities of gay rights and religious rights of minorities.

    If this congressman is married, I’d worry for his wife, because if his experience is that sexual orientation is “fungible,” he probably has a tenuous grasp on his own heterosexuality. Never know when he might succumb to a weak moment and take a walk on the wild side on the “Down Low.”

  • MBear

    intolerance != not tolerating intolerance

  • ewe

    Will Queerty please tell me why in the hell you are advertising to the right of this article for Congressman Allen West contribution campaign? Are you stupid motherfuckers or what? Greedy self sabotaging quacks over there. You don’t even deserve readership for doing that. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES.

  • catinhat

    @ewe These sidebar ads are not controlled by the website. They are somehow generated by any mention of the subject on the webpage. Apparently, they are very difficult to prevent.

  • GayGOP

    This is not only the same guy who told Representative Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-FL) to sit down, shut up, and act like a lady; he also implied that if the President didn’t conform to the Teabagger Agenda, then armed insurrection could become a reasonable action.

    I’m a Republican, and I repudiate Allen West. He’s a loose cannon who represents the worst elements of the Republican Party.

  • Shannon1981

    He is unstable and should not be in office. The gay community isn’t intolerable, but his outbursts are.

  • Reason

    Did you not vote democrat or abstain from voting in 2010? Enjoy.

  • Shannon1981

    @GayGOP: This should be incentive enough for you to vote Democrat.

  • ewe

    @catinhat: Thank you for your response. Amazingly the advertisement for Allen West campaign contributions have disappeared hence; prevented. Just remarkable isn’t it?

  • ewe

    The advertisement promoting Allen West has returned to the sidebar. Dispicable.

  • Rafael

    Haha yes I have it at the top of my screen…too funny!!

  • ewe

    Does Queerty ads come up on evangelical blog sidebars?

  • Shannon1981

    @ewe: They’d have to specifically block certain ads/categories of ads, and even that doesn’t work completely. I have google adsense on my personal blog and I get xtian shit on there and I hate it but there isn’t much I can do about it.

  • ewe

    @Shannon1981:How horrid. I am totally not in the loop on all that.

  • codyj

    I live in fla…only thing nice here is weather,and atlantic coast..but political arena is all know, from former atty gen Bill MCCull…to geo rekkers,to alan west, to marco rubio, they’d all put ”us” in concentration camps..if they could get away with it. My neib says fla. is ‘flat, hot n DUMB”…hmmm,mabe hes right? .Actually West looks ALOT like veteran actor Tim Moore…who played KINGFISH in CBS TV show ‘Amos n Andy'(1951-52). Here he is ,talking to “ANDY” played by another veteran actor..Spencer Williams, jr.–“”Holy Mackerl ,Andy..If Saphhire finz out I dun lose dat job…she gonna kill me, yeah…she gonna kill me TWICE!! lol,lol,lol,”” (allen? u got the part..yr perfect,lol)

  • John

    I’m 20 years old, not gay acting in the least, loved by all my friends (or, if not, for another reason). I’m attractive, rich (not trying to brag), and have a good personality (as I’ve been told). I think its sick that someone like this can come along and tell ME that I can change my “behavior”. If I could stay out of public, and private (family) criticism, I would choose to be straight ten times over. To the African American community: you are NOT the only ones being discriminated against. Why someone can be fired for calling a co-worker a NI**ER, but keep their job when calling someone a FA**OT, and most likely get the gay employee fired, baffles me. Tell me, what if you couldn’t get married, just because your black? Or if you couldn’t even be recognized, and get the same legal benefits, of a “real” couple? And the gays just sat back and accused you of taking “our” Civil Liberties movement? How would it feel? How would YOU feel?

  • John

    Also, I hope everyone knows this is a lateral move by his campaign, to put his promotion on articles bashing him, most likely just to piss all of us off more. Sad thing is, its working. He’s a despicable man. I have no idea who made room for politicians such as West or Bachmann.

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