Doug Manchester’s Grand Hyatt Hotel Spent 2009 Not Injuring Its Workers

“The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego (MGH) employees experienced the healthiest and safest year in the property’s history in 2009,” reads a release sent over by Fifteen Minutes, the public relations firm of Howard Bragman, whose client is the hotel’s pro-Prop 8 owner Doug Manchester. “The MGH had only one (1) documented injury-related lost day in the entire calendar year of 2009. MGH did not experience a single occurrence of a room attendant injury-related work loss day in 2009. The hotel retains 1050 employees, of which 180 are room attendants.” Um. Bravo?

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  • alex

    That actually is a pretty impressive feat. I work at a hotel with 180 employees total and we have an average of 3 work injuries a year, which is considered pretty good by hotel standards. They’ve got 5 times the employees and 1/3 as many accidents, that’s pretty amazing. It more than likely means that they have low turnover, pretty high employee morale, and very effective management.

    I don’t know why you’d belittle this press release, it’s basically saying their staff is safe and probably pretty happy working there. They _should_ be proud of that.

  • alex

    Based on Manchester’s politics, I certainly wouldn’t stay at the Grand Hyatt or recommend it. That said, I think this post is in pretty poor taste. It seems as if Queerty is tacitly saying they want innocent employees to get hurt at work just because their boss is a homophobe.

  • GayMafiaCapo

    Interesting—it’s good to know that Howard Bragman is willing to sell out his people to do PR for a raging homophobe. Thanks, Howard! But will you tell homophobes like Doug Manchester to pipe down or face the consequences, like you did to every young gay actor you’ve ever known? Or is the closet only for GLBT people, you ancient, self-loathing, out-of-touch douchebag?

  • Ryan Bordelli

    i was equally as surprised to read last year about bragmans involvement, but as I understand it he is working with the hotel, not the bigot Manchester – who as it turns out perhaps is no longer so bigot-y as someone else posted his statement and stance on lgbt issues since his original donation – there has to be more important things for us to focus on

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