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Dr. Michael Brown Wrote This Anti-Gay Book To Protect America’s Children

Every week 75-year-old Sid Roth, the messianic Jewish television host, welcomes guests to discuss their conspiracy theories about miracles and demonic possession on his program It’s Supernatural. This actually sounds like something I would watch, voluntarily, when there are only Drag Race re-runs on the tele. This month Roth welcomed Dr. Michael Brown to promote his new book A Queer Thing Happened To America, about how gays are taking over American culture, and which was SO CONTROVERSIAL major book publishers wouldn’t touch it. Brown came up with the idea for the book because god “gripped” him. The conversation these two men have, sadly, is not an isolated event. But do other bigots have the historical arguments these men do? Didn’t think so!

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  • no thanks

    I love the skit. So hilarious.

    Gay dads would never burn breakfast.

  • greybat

    Why is it when they us their Message, I always feel like I’m being talked down to by someone less Biblically literate than I am?

  • mtroy

    If I had a dollar for every time my boyfriend and I angrily ripped a book out of each other’s hands while reading…

  • tom_d

    On knees for Jesus? That’s some queer theology right there.

  • Mark

    “God is in His Holy Temple …”

    Anyone else reminded of that Preacher Cain from Poltergeist?

  • ewe

    I definitely want to take over american culture. problem? fuck off.

  • ewe

    Can’t these motherfuckers go see a Broadway Musical like the rest of us and refrain from some cheap exorcism with their can of Beer?

  • Kent M

    SNL? Onion News Network? Comedy Central? It’s too dumb to be real.

  • divkid

    “god spoke to me: reach out, and resist…resist the gay agenda… ”
    with a moustache like that?! oh, daddy —
    resistance is futile.

  • DJ

    Just because you hear a voice in your head doesn’t mean it’s “God”. It means you’re fucking crazy. He’s making himself look psychotic by demonizing homos. We’re not hurting anybody. I’m so tired of religious freaks playing the Jesus card. The more they shove it down my throat, the more I hate religious. Ugghh! The Bible was ALLEGEDLY written thousands of years ago; societies change.

  • Marc

    His brother in law acted a little effeminant> Like he is so fucking masculine!

  • woah

    wait, his brother in law married his sister in law.
    either adultery or incest are going on here, neither of which jesus is crazy about.

  • hyacinth

    i t wrong very, you are trying to stopp us having children it this correct ?? you trying stop All women having children, you trying to stop the blessing is this correct,

  • Crystal Tompkins

    Thank you for posting about this! My wife and I are the author and illustrator of the book misused in the opening skit (“Oh The Things Mommies Do! What Could Be Better Than Having Two?”). Imagine our surprise when we came across this lovely video… We really appreciate you bringing attention to the absurdity.

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