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  • Seth

    I love love love love love Dr. Ruth. Ya just got to respect a little old lady that became a leading researcher of human sexuality because she got her legs injured by enemy fire while training to be a freedom fighter, and so she went to college instead. True story!

    But even back in the 90’s, her radio show was something of a comedy. On the whole, she gives excellent advice, of course. Sometimes, she misunderstands the caller’s questions, and goes off on unpredictable tangents of indescribable visceralty. It’s hilarious watching teenagers listening to it. Better even than turning someone on to Dan Savage. I’m not sure where to tune her in now.

    In this video, she endorses something called a ‘Rosselator’. I’m not sure what that is, but it reminded me of someone’s account of discovering his grandmother’s wind up vibrator from the early years of the last century. I can just picture Dr. Ruth cheerfully wielding one of those on TV, saying “this is how they built them back in my day”!

  • Lazycrockett

    When did Joy Behar become Sally Jessica Raphael????

  • alterego1980

    Instead of speaking in 3rd person hypothetical, they just should have asked Nate how HE used them. I’m sure he knows why he stayed for that segment.

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