DVD: “Amy,” “Brooklyn Bizarre,” “Goodnight Mommy,” “Paternity Leave,” & More!


The holiday gift craze begins, and with no shortage of diverse home entertainment titles this year on tap to choose from.

This week we have a sexy fish out of water tale involving a French teenager (Brooklyn Bizarre, above), an outrageous twist on the two-men-and-a-gayby genre, a creepy kids horror flick, and an intimate documentary on Amy Winehouse.

Now for the trailers and details!


Brooklyn Bizarre

($24.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

A French teenager, Maurice (the ridiculously photogenic Pierre Prieur), relocates to the hipster mecca of Bushwick, Brooklyn. There, he finds himself an object of desire (truthfully, he’d be desired any damned place he goes and would cause Grindr to crash to boot) by a pair of women who run a bawdy burlesque bar called the Bizarre, who both hire him and insist he sleep naked in their bed. Meanwhile, another employee, Luka, also decides to share some bed time with Maurice, but the real drama comes later when boxer Charlie enters the picture, as well as a mysterious character who shows up at the club. Bizarre stuff indeed, but quite sexy as well!


Paternity Leave

($24.99 DVD; Element Twenty Two)

The developing LGBT film sub-genre about gay parents having kids gets a zany twist courtesy director Matt Riddlehoover and his co-screenwriter Dustin Tittle in this raucous tale of a 30-year-old web designer, Greg, whose mysterious illness and growing potbelly turns out to be a pregnancy. This not only rocks his relationship with boyfriend Ken, but also puts Greg in the middle of a media firestorm despite his protest of “I don’t want to be a medical miracle!” Add some John Waters gross-out laughs (hello, fits of nausea at inappropriate times!), and a cast of LGBT film favorites like Charlie David and Chris Salvatore, and you have a hysterical yet warm hearted gay date movie for the weekend. Extras include outtakes, deleted scenes, and a commentary.



($24.99 Blu-ray, $19.98 DVD; Lionsgate)

Director Asif Kapadia lets the late, great Amy Winehouse tell her own story through extensive and in most cases never before or rarely seen interviews, personal video footage, rehearsals and collaborations, and performances. It’s such a wealth of material, and comprehensive, Amy truly makes one feel like Winehouse is back with us and sharing her journey from British Jewish child with a penchant for performance to her landing a deal based on scraps that showed enormous promise, to her rise as international star plagued by ultimately toxic people and substances. An incredible talent and loss. Extras include additional scenes, performances, interviews, and director commentary.


Goodnight Mommy

($26.99 Blu-ray, $22.98 DVD; Anchor Bay)

Austria’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film for the 88th Academy Awards, this psychological horror flick revolves around a pair of nine-year-old twins, Lukas and Elias, who become convinced that their mother — whose face is bandaged up following a facelift (or whatever) — is not actually her. Something seems a bit off with these kids, too, so it’s hard to know who to root for, trust, and be scared of. Creepy stuff with a twist we ain’t giving away! Extras include a conversation with the filmmakers.



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