DVD: “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” “My Straight Son,” “Corpus Christi,” & More!


There are equal doses fantasy and reality — and lots of queerness — this week in home entertainment, kicking off with a time-traveling mutant opus, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

A gay father reunites with his estranged child in dramedy My Straight Son, while documentary Corpus Christi chronicles the mounting of Terrence McNally’s controversial “gay Jesus” play. Finally, a cray cray orgy is the set-up for cinematic headtrip You And The Night.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

($49.99 3D Blu-ray, $39.99 Blu-ray, $29.98 DVD; Fox)

The casts of X-Men: First Class and Bryan Singer’s original X-Men films come together in this time-traveling, 3D mutant opus! In a dystopian future, the world has been leveled by mutant-hunting robots called Sentinels, so in a final bid to save mutantkind, Wolverine is sent back to the 1970s to try and change the course of the future — which he must do by convincing Professor Charles Xavier and the shady-assed Magneto to combine forces for a greater good. Amazing comic book action (Magneto’s prison breakout is a set piece for the ages), acting, and the franchise’s A-List cast including Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbinder, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Nic Hoult, and more make this a must-own! Extras include deleted scenes, gag reel, making-of featurettes, and more.


My Straight Son

($24.99 DVD; TLA)

Gay Venezuelan photographer Diego finds his world thrown into disarray when his partner ends up in a coma and his estranged teenage son shows up. Family dramz and handsome South American men, y’all!

Corpus Christi

($17.99 DVD; Breaking Glass Pictures)

Terrence McNally’s play about a “gay Jesus” ignited a sh*storm of controversy amongst religious folks during its five-year journey, while also transforming the lives of its actors and creative team on deeply personal levels. This documentary, originally sub-titled “Playing With Redemption,” captures both sides — and of course McNally — during this tumultuous period.


You And The Night

($24.99 DVD; Strand)

Director Yann Gonzalez pulls out all the 80s’-inspired stylized stops with this tale of a couple, and their gender-bent maid, who throw an orgy for guests including “The Slut,” “The Stud,” “The Teen,” and “The Star.” Almodovar-ian strangeness follows, with a soundtrack by electromeisters M83.



I’m A Stripper: Boylesque


The Last Supper