Elisabeth Hasselbeck Only Defends Gay Hating Pageant Contestants


And not gay-loving ones. The View host is coming to Carrie Prejean’s defense, arguing that if she had come out in favor of same-sex marriage, we wouldn’t be vilifying her. And while she’s probably right, Hasselbeck had an altogether different stance on Tara Connor, who dared get photographed kissing another girl! [Jezebel]

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  • Alec

    How shocking. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a hypocrite.

    I think people must watch that show in spite of her.

  • Zakakaka

    SDhe´s such a douchebag!

  • rick

    can’t we just put her in a burlap bag with a couple of rabid racoons like they used to do with that debbie that used to be on the view?

  • Roy Pyatt

    Birds of a feather flock together as do Douche-bags apparently.

  • adam

    I’m not a big Elisabeth fan, but today on The View she actually condemned Joe the Plumber’s sentiments that say basically he wouldn’t let gays around his children and they are called “queer” for a reason. She said that she didn’t condone that and he is never welcome around her.

    A far cry from her being tolerant or even supporting gay marriage, but it’s a step in the right direction. She at least knows not to bite the hand that feeds her. SOMEONE has to do her hair and makeup for her!

  • dgz

    in all fairness, tara connor was kissing a girl in a bar while drunk, underage, and doing coke. (unless i’m mis-remembering that story.)

    btw, tara connor isn’t a lesbian, or bi.

  • Marty

    Who *cares* about Elizabeth Hasselbeck??? She’s a twit.

  • Joanaroo

    Hasselbeck is a christian but also judgmental, hateful, intolerant and political. Surprise! Surprise!

  • TANK

    I will NEVER watch the view again!

  • Carl

    -Well, Elizabeth clearly has a point, would the media be doing this ruckus if Ms. Cali answered otherwise? Would people be searching for dirt if she was pro-same sex marriage?

    This is clearly a form of bullying.

    Isn’t bullying one of the issues fought for by LGBT?

    Hypocrisy much?

    As for Tara Connor, well:

    ” tara connor was kissing a girl in a bar while drunk, underage, and doing coke.”

    And here’s Liz’ statement, in case people are already bashing her without knowing here statement:

    “Well, I think there’s a very specific witch hunt going on here because she expressed her opinion. So now we’re going to dig and throw fear into the heart of any person who may want to freely express their opinion in the United States of America. That seems like a big bullying scheme to me.

    If she had answered the other way, would anyone have been searching for those photos? Would they want to vilify her or remove what she’s been working for?

    I don’t understand the pageant well, and I don’t know what her responsibilities were. Was she to represent the state of California in her opinions and was she to represent the opinions of a young woman who believed in her heart one thing?

    That’s her personal opinion. I’m not sure what her duties were or were to be.

    I do know this, though. I’m not sure this investigation into any sort of photos or background or family members that they’re pulling out of left and right would have even occurred if she had given an answer on the other side.

    So it seems to me a bit of a bullying scheme, as I said before, and that disturbing. We should be able to have our opinions in this country and stand by them and at least be respected, at the very least.”

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