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  • jeffg4usa

    I tend to not feel sad when celebs or public figures die because I figure they lived a good life and got to experience many more wonderful things than the average person. What’s more, few public figures impress me much these days. I tend to roll my eyes when I hear people going on about celebs or public figures. I certainly don’t cry when famous people die.

    Elizabeth Edwards is an exception.

    Those of us who followed her story already know how amazing she was to endure so much personal hardship in the public eye and carry on so graciously.

    In the political world of superficial personalities, as you can see in YouTube videos of her rally speeches, she stood out as genuine and emotionally open. I am of course thankful to her for being an ally of the LGBT community. Also, the persevere and determination she spoke of in her media interviews inspired me to my core to keep on though hard times.

    Regarding how her marriage to John ended the way it did due to his infidelity and secret other family, anyone who has lost a relationship with a partner you loved with all your heart surely can empathize with someone who goes though that.

    Nonetheless, her love was evident. To be the recipient of that type of love makes a person the luckiest person on earth. It’s what I hope I may be lucky enough to have again and what motivates me to endure this hard, hard life.

    At least there are stories of people like Elizabeth that can both provoke our sympathies and simultaneously leave us inspired and hopeful.

    May she rest and peace and may her family be comforted in years ahead knowing what an amazing person she was.

  • UptheAnte

    That’s very sad. She seems to have been a basically decent person.I suspect she deserved better than that gay-icon politico husband she wound up with.

  • tjr101

    A very classy lady, RIP.

  • Jeffree

    Elizabeth spoke up publicly for same-sex marriage equality and also was vocal about the need for health-care reform. She was grace, class, smarts and charm personified.

    Condolences to her family and friends.

  • merkin

    sorry, my friends grandma died today to. Where’s her post? What the fudge did John or Elizabeth Edwards do for me?

  • Ollie

    @merkin: That, is a stupid thing to say.

  • Andrew

    @merkin: In some ways, I agree with you. However I’m not going to use the death of a respectable woman like Elizabeth to make a point. RIP.

  • Max

    She deserved better than the horrible person she was married to. I had his number years ago when all thought he was the second coming…

  • ~R~

    @merkin: Love, I’m assuming that your friend’s Grandma was not a popularly-known celebrity-type. She may have been a remarkable woman, even more-so than the late Elizabeth Edwards, but she was most likely not known throughout the US in as large a scale as Edwards. Thus, this is why she doesn’t have such an announcement here in Queerty. Of course, I’m suspecting you are awre of this and you are just wanting to be an ass. Whatever makes you tick, yo’. Your friend’s family has my condolences…

    As for Elizabeth, I am sad she has passed. Cancer is a devastating thing and I can’t imagine her passing was all that peaceful. I hope her afterlife (if she believed in that) is peaceful.

  • Fitz

    I am thankful that she worked really hard for progressive and humanistic causes. Well-spent life, I hope her family finds comfort in the good work and the goodwill she leaves behind.

    I don’t know why everyone is so judgmental about her husband’s affair. People screw around, get over it. People need comfort. And hey, I’m a homo… I don’t like it when people who don’t understand me make judgmental comments about my sexual activity.

    So I am taking the stance of “It didn’t hurt me, and it’s none of my business”.

  • scott ny'er

    @merkin: well, Merkin has a point. Thankfully, Jeffree, post #3, filled in some of the blanks, which is what Queerty should have done.

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