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Elton John + David Furnish Agree To Let Lady Gaga Godmother Their Little Monster

Elton John and David Furnish managed to keep secret for nine months the pregnancy of their surrogate, but David can’t wait a few more days until they prepare a statement announcing Lady Gaga is the godmother of their son Zachary? Like jeez dood, learn the ropes. Oh, here are some of the first photos of E+D being a daddy to Z.

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  • catholicbitch13


  • jason

    Lady Gaga is all about making money for herself. From tawdry product-placements in her videos to the apparently phony claim that she’s bisexual, it’s all designed to make her money. She and five million other female singers claim to be bisexual in their marketing but not one male.

    Lady Gaga is the product of a marketing department and nothing more. I can see those strictly hetero males and their so-called “bisexual” female enablers working overtime to create this sleazy and discriminatory marketing notion.

  • Palto

    What’s with the hate? She makes fun music while sticking up for us. I think we need that more than ever.

  • sam

    @jason: Jason, seriously. You’ve gotten boring.

    Up to them who they pick :) I hope they’re doing it because they know her well, as opposed to think it’s good publicity, but I’m not going to pompously sit here and decide what they’re thinking and how they feel. x

  • ALEX

    I believe this is a nice gesture, yet meaningless. Elton and David no doubt have made decisions legally about what happens to their son in the event of their deaths; my understanding of ‘godparent’ says this is the person who will be entrusted with an orphaned child. I don’t think it means that anymore and is just a sign of love, respect, and honor. Good for them all…

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