Employee At Big-Box Retailer “Outs” Straight Man On Facebook

Rich Dewberry was ticked off he had to get his faulty cellphone replaced at a Best Buy in Colorado. But the hetero Green Valley Ranch felt “humiliated” when he realized an employee changed his Facebook status to announce he was coming out of the closet.

Less than half-an-hour after getting a replacement Android, Dewberry noticed a Facebook post from his old phone that read “I am gay. I’m coming out.”

He admits he forgot to log out of his Facebook and other accounts when he handed in the old phone, but says he he never imagined he’d be the victim of this kind of identity theft: “It’s totally not a joke,” Dewberry tells ABC 7 in Denver. “I feel like I’ve been humiliated.”

He says friends, family members and even his ex-wife started calling almost immediately. Dewberry claims the employee who posted the false item was subsequently fired from the store.

It’s understandable that this guy would be annoyed someone was futzing with his status—we can’t imagine having to explain to our entire circle of friends that we were actually not straight. But ultimately we’d probably laugh the whole thing off.  Dewberry seems particularly peeved that he was mistakenly represented as—gasp!—gay. (Where’s the requisite p.s.: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”?)

He says the whole incident “put a bad taste in my mouth.”

Nah, too easy.