English Archbishop On Gay Couples: “A Very Profound And Lifelong Friendship”

When you remind yourself that the Catholic Church still hasn’t come around on the use of contraceptives (and are making a political issue of state-funded birth control), it makes more sense that the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales thinks two homo-seck-sual partners are just really, really, realllly good friends.

The Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, gave the Telegraph his opinion on a gay couple who wants to get married:

“I would want to say to them that I understand their desires, that I understand their experience of love is vitally important in their lives, but I would want to say to them that they are called in my view, in the church’s view, to a very profound friendship in life.

“I would want them to be respected, but I would want them to have a vision in themselves that what they are called to is not marriage but a very profound and lifelong friendship.”

Just FYI, Rev. Nich—just as you completely ignore the romantic part of straight people’s marriages (sex only for procreation! no condoms!), you’re missing one of the most beautiful things about a gay relationship: the sex part.

It’s a more compassionate view than the Pope’s, for sure, but it’s still a backward view that ignores the reality of healthy relationships. How many of your friends’ relationships take a death knell once the sex gets bad or is just not happening anymore?

God made sex for people! Because it’s fun! And feels great. Get with it, Church.

Photo via Catholic Church