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Entertainment Magazine Refuses To Show Modern Family In Gay Kiss

THE SHOT — Cameron and Mitchell cover Entertainment Weekly, one of three Modern Family covers the magazine is shipping, in hot anticipation of Sept. 29’s GAY KISS EPISODE — the one that will finally, the show’s creators and actors hope, end The Gays’ complaints.

And the one that will try to top last night’s pink castle fiasco.

(And that headline is a joke, people. But start bitching anyhow.)

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  • Enron

    I personally wouldn’t want to see them kissing either. Whats the point anyway? Its like wanting to see McCain and Obama kiss on the cover of ‘O’ magazine. Would you want to see that?

    Its just out of the ordinary to have couples or characters kissing on the cover of magazines.

  • Bill J

    There kind of not my idea of gay role models since somewhat stereotypical gays and show is really not that funny, but as current sitcoms go, best of the lot.

  • jason

    I find Entertainment Weekly to be hugely offensive to gay people. The cover is a horrible stereotype. It’s the type of cover put forward by those who don’t take our relationships seriously.

    Entertainment Weekly is a shit magazine.

  • Cam

    Modern family must have really panicked after last seasons protests. They said all that B.S. about them not kissing or showing affection even in their own house because of fear of PDA, well the season primere showed them holding hands and a kiss on the forehead in their home. They obviously responded.

    Funny how their B.S. cop out story died so fast.

  • Kieran

    Yep, that cover is exactly the kind of clownish, non-threatening stereotypical image of gay men the media just loves to promote. What are the gays for? To make Americans laugh ofcourse.

  • Davey Fan

    Well, the magazine couldn’t print a photograph the guys wouldn’t pose for. They obviously didn’t think there was anything offensive about posing that way for the photo, even though I (mildly) do.

    Entertainment Weekly is not homophobic. Not long ago they listed a gay YouTube video in their top ten things of the week, and they have gay-positive articles and reviews all over the place.

    I read it every three weeks when I get my hair cut.

  • scott ny'er

    if that couple acts like that on the show I don’t see anything amiss about the cover. It is a comedy, no? But if they are out of character, IDK, then it’s stupid.

  • Ticooper

    I’m sorry, but where does it state anywhere that entertainment weekly or any other magazine is refusing to show cam and mitchel in a kiss? It seems like the title to the story is designed to be inflammatory, then you get to the article (and like a lot of the articles on queerty), there is no substance whatsoever. Would it kill you guys to just put an accurate headline and then write a freaking story that makes it worth my time to click on the link?

    So let’s recap, the title claims that Ew is refusing to show a gay kiss on the cover, but the “story” is a single line about how the modern family cast is on the covers of Ew this week. I don’t get it.

  • DR

    JD…. lame joke. But way to get comments, right?

  • Joe


    I can understand that the writers would explain the “non-kiss” as the character’s distaste for PDA. Mitchell, especially in the early episodes, definitely has some internalized homophobia. Remember the episode when they took Lily to that mommy and me class and Mitchell spent most of the episode playing down the gay? And how he attempted to butch it up by learning (superficially) about football?

    I remember the non-kiss scene vividly and it did stand out (especially because Claire and Phil kissed right next to them), but it’s not entirely out of Mitchell’s character to be less demonstrable.

  • Andy

    This is like black face.

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