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Even If The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka Isn’t Gay, Will He Still Strip for Playgirl?

Poor Jake Pavelka. All he wanted to do was go on The Bachelor and find a sexy lady to love and marry, and now he’s stuck with the tabloids calling him a homo.

Last week Star was pushing the rumors about Jake’s same-sex enjoyment, which would explain why he and rose receiver Vienna Girardi went six months without “physical affection.” Jake and The Bachelorette castmate Juan Barbieri apparently went to Mickey’s, a gay bar in West Hollywood, where they were “very intimate.”

Not so, he screams in OK!. Or at least “a close friend” does, who says “Jake has never even heard of Mickey’s, let alone been there. He has no problem going to a gay bar as a straight man. He has friends from all different places with different backgrounds, but this story is simply not true.”

Whatever, dude.

Gay or straight, the vultures are already circling. Playgirl is supposedly considering a six-figure offer for Jake to strip down. I’m sure there will be a photo of him biting a rose.

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