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Even Pastor Joel Osteen Can’t Explain Why God Might Have F’d Up By Making Gays

We’ve been following the career of Joel Osteen — who’s become quite wealthy via his Lakewood Church in Houston — for quite some time, from when he introduced Pastor Jay Bakker to his family to the time Joel’s wife Victoria was sued by a flight attendant. Osteen is part of that new brand of “smiling bigots.” Like NOM’s Brian Brown, he puts on a nice suit, acts all friendly to the queers, and looks to God for the answers. But then he turns around and preaches that your “lifestyle” is one of sin.

For Osteen, here on The View this week, it’s a question about “God’s best.” The Bible, he says, teaches that LGBTs are not God’s best, and while he loves them, he sees their sexuality as a flaw. Which is to say: God made a mistake. But that’s impossible! Except: It’s a conclusion Osteen can’t explain away.

But this is a man who lives life like The Secret, telling people to believe in what they want, and they shall receive. We’re all for optimism, but Osteen is the guy who wrote in his 2004 book that “God wants to give you your own house [even if it feels out of reach], but says those hit by the housing crisis must “keep believing.” Believing themselves into more debt?

Osteen is irresponsible at best, a man preaching hatred at worst.