When It's Time To Change

Ex-Ex-Gays: Meet The People Who Tried To “Cure” You


Marcus Bachmann

Pre gay.

He’s the husband of former congresswoman and presidential candidate Michelle, a self-described Doctor of Psychology, and half owner of the couple’s “family” business Bachmann & Associates, a chain of counseling centers revealed to practice pray-away-the-gay therapy. And he’s the kind of guy you overhear at a dinner party or in the grocery store or on line for a movie and you go, “Oh, gay. Like, definitely.” He and his wife will tell you your gaydar is defective, but since there’s nothing wrong with being gay, thinking he is and saying so isn’t defamatory, and this isn’t England. Also, he’s said publicly he thinks gays are “barbarians” in need of deliverance. Closet case closed.