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Failed journalist Megyn Kelly once again reminds everyone why she’s unemployable

Another day, another vapid tweet from Megyn Kelly.

On Sunday, the failed morning show host, who believes watching Will & Grace can turn a person gay, retweeted a false claim by journalist Glenn Greenwald accusing John Kerry of taking a private jet to President Obama’s 60th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.

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“Don’t let them shame you out of anything,” Kelly wrote. “Your 70 degree living room, your SUV, your steak, any of it. These pathetic, dishonest, virtue-signaling hypocrites.”

A virtue-signaling hypocrite accusing others of being virtue-signaling hypocrites. It doesn’t get much more ironic than that, does it?

The State Department later issued a statement denying tabloid reports that Kerry took a private plane to the party.

“Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, he did not travel there for a party,” a spokesperson said. “He took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, he did not fly commercial or private.”

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But that’s not even the issue here. Because, as usual, Kelly, who thinks LGBTQ people are “lunatics”, is completely missing the point.

Even if John Kerry did take a private plane to President Obama’s 60th birthday party (which, again, he did not), that doesn’t mean the rest of us should just give up when it comes to combatting climate change.

Of course, critical thinking has never been one of the former Fox News host’s strong suits. If it was, maybe she’d still have a job somewhere other than her basement, where she records a daily podcast.

And now, the responses to her tweet…

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