Your favorite new game is about a sweaty, stripping lumberjack chopping wood

Lumberjacks are sexy. They perfectly combine the great outdoors, physical labor and masculine energy into a sweaty, bearded, flannel and denim package.

So it makes sense that gay video game creator Robert Yang finally made a game about them. The game is called Logjam, it takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, and you can download it for free.

Yang describes Logjam as “a short small game about a middle-aged lumberjack daddy processing wood and other hard things…. It’s a simple work simulator with a burly stripper and occasional twists.”

In it, you use your mouse or controller to move the axe up and then bring it down just as an axe icon at the bottom of the screen crosses over the middle of a diagonal line. You get points for each even cut, and as the outdoor temperature gauge increases, the lumberjack might shed his hardhat, workshirt and jeans.

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“I thought it would be funny for the player to have zero control over their character’s nudity,” Yang writes. “He will undress at his own pace. He’s union! If he’s not stripping fast enough for you, well, tough! (In this way it’s also a gesture toward sex workers’ rights.) He’s happy to take off his clothes but it will be on his terms in response to his environment. As the sun sets, it gets colder, so he’ll put on his clothes again, too bad.”

While you initially start chopping wood, the game eventually asks you to cut other objects in half, like sandwiches, pies, Chiba Inu puppies, and bald eagles. This isn’t to encourage domestic axe use or animal abuse, Yang says, but rather to explore the American frontier theme while playing around with the concept of lumberjacks contributing to the formation of the nation’s identity.

We won’t ruin the game’s other surprises, but if you make it to day three of the game, things literally get very hot. By day four, the gameplay becomes quite existential.

If all this seems weird (or hot) to you, then you might enjoy Yang’s other sexy gay indie games, including The Tearoom, a game about cruising a public bathroom; Hurt Me Plenty, wherein you must consensually flog a submissive dude; and Succulent, wherein shirtless popsicle eating drives nearby men into glitchy ecstasy.

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