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Fellow ‘Drag Race’ queens are reading Robbie Turner hard for that “fatal” “Uber” “crash”

It goes without saying, but don’t drink and drive.


You still shouldn’t ever drink and drive, but also don’t lie about drunk driving. And definitely don’t say you were in a fatal drunk driving accident if you were not, in actuality, in a fatal drunk driving accident.

It wasn’t the lesson we were expecting, but it’s the lesson we got this week from Seattle as everyone tried to process what was up with some tweets from Drag Race season 8 queen Robbie Turner.

“Last night on my way home my Uber was struck by a drunk driver. I closed my eyes briefly & it happened,” she told her followers, adding that “My driver did not survive.”

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Except… that almost certainly didn’t happen.

Here’s what some fellow Drag Race queens had to say about this odd sequence of events:

At a Drag Race viewing party at R Place in Seattle, season 10’s Aquaria, tongue firmly planted in cheek, told the crowd, “I’m here to have an uber great time with you guys. I’m just going to hit and run with all of these jokes. If I hit and miss, just forget about them.”

On social media, things were a bit less subtle:

Drag Race fans had a lot more to add: