Fire Island “Arrest” Update

Gayville’s absolutely a-buzz over the crackdowns on Fire Island. According to earlier reports, park rangers arrested at least three men for lewd conduct. Well, it turns out there haven’t been any arrests, reports bar rag Next via Towleroad:

A call to the National Park Service that polices the cruisey passage between The Pines and Cherry Grove revealed that over the past two weekends there have been two incidents with park rangers and five citations have been given out – two on June 15, one for disorderly conduct and one for possession of a controlled substance, and three on June 21, all for disorderly conduct. Both incidents involve men having sex in the area properly known as Carrington Tract. A rep for the Park Service said that no arrests have been made…

Park Services also insist that they’re not going after the gays, but simply have more money for personnel to patrol and are simply doing their jobs.

Damn you federal funding! Damn you!