Kiss off

So, the first steamy gay scene from C.W.’s “Riverdale” is here. Curious?

In a relatively short time period, the C.W’s new Riverdale series has covered lots of ground.

There’s been a shirtless, pronouncedly muscular walk brought to you by J.K. Apa. (Contractually obligated, as work un-friendly blog Fleshbot reports.)

And now, gay character Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) has his first gay kiss in the Archie series. It’s a good one.

In the fourth episode, which aired this week, viewers were privy to a gay kiss between Joaquin (Rob Raco) and Cott’s character.

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It’s short but re-watchable, so get to it. One Million Moms is gonna be so pissed.

Here you go:


h/t: Fleshbot