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First Trans Teen In Georgia Elected To Homecoming Court Has Support Of Both School And Family

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 4.29.23 PMThere’s definitely progress being made when we come across not one, but two heartwarming videos about transgender youth in the same day. Earlier today we posted this video of a transgender kid performing a killer rap about acceptance he penned with his mother, who just has to be an amazing parent. Now comes this video interview from GLAAD’s All Access series. Host Claire Pires chats with 16-year-old Sage Lovell of Marietta, Georgia, the first openly transgender teen in the state’s history to be elected to homecoming court. Sage’s mom Maureen is not only super-supportive but her dad Joseph actually escorted her onto the football field during homecoming. In the video chat Joseph remembers how supportive the crowd was and how the stands erupted in applause when the two strode out onto the field. Maureen notes that while she was initially concerned about Sage’s safety, she developed the fortitude to tackle any possible opposition from watching her daughter. “With her being very strong about who she wanted to be and let her own self out,” she said. “That gave me strength to face whatever we needed to face.”

Watch the conversation below.