Former Child Model Suing Bryan Singer Drops Case Because He Can’t Find A Lawyer

video-undefined-1D2D47C600000578-713_636x358The 31-year-old former child model who accused X-Men director Bryan Singer and several other high-ranking Hollywood executives of molesting him as a minor has dropped his lawsuit against Singer, admitting that he’s unable to move forward with the case because he can’t find a lawyer to represent him.

The AP reports that the relationship between Michael Egan and his original attorney Jeff Herman began to “deteriorate” as early as May, when Herman filed a request to be removed from the case. At the time, Herman told the court that he was seeking dismissal from the case because he believed Egan had lied about previous accusations of sexual misconduct against three other men.

Earlier this summer, Egan dropped those lawsuits after evidence debunking his claims came to light.

Vince Finaldi, a California attorney “advising but not representing” Egan told the AP that Egan declined to accept a $100,000 settlement from Singer earlier this year because “No. 1, the money wasn’t enough and No. 2, they were trying to shut him up.”

Singer sought to have the case dismissed with prejudice, meaning it can’t be refiled, and wanted Egan to pay his attorney fees. U.S. District Judge Susan Oki Mollway denied the request, and dismissed the case without prejudice, meaning Egan will have the opportunity to file the case again in the future if he chooses.

To add insult to injury, Mollway added that, in her opinion, “any alleged damage to defendant’s reputation may well be ameliorated by plaintiff’s voluntary dismissal of the action.”

Speaking with the AP, Singer’s lawyer said, “Although we would have liked the case dismissed on merits, the fact that now it’s dropped … is satisfactory. We’re pleased that it’s over.”

No word on how Egan’s sexual assault documentary is coming along…