Former “Grey’s Anatomy” Star T.R. Knight Married His Boyfriend

trknightlifeintheFormer Grey’s Anatomy actor TR Knight got hitched to his boyfriend of three years in upstate New York last week, and today the internet is full of stories that reveal nothing interesting about the October 4th celebration.

US Weekly got the best scoop, citing unnamed sources (we’re looking at you, Katherine Heigl), who told the magazine, “It [was] very small and quiet.” But that’s the extent of the story’s information about the actual wedding. Nothing about what the grooms wore or, for that matter, who Knight’s groom is, beyond a guy named Patrick who could have a career as a Sean Cody model, should things with Knight not work out. Patrick’s age, surname and occupation remain unknown.

Five years ago, Knight, now 40, made headlines for dating Mark Cornelson, a fetus child man 16 years his junior. At the time, Knight told Extra that while he understood the age difference might shock some people, he didn’t care. “We love each other, “ he said of the then-19 year-old Cornelson. “He’s an amazing guy.” Apparently he wasn’t too amazing, however, because their relationship went the way of Knight’s television career by the time the newlywed grooms started dating three years ago.

Celebrity guests at the wedding included Knight’s Grey’s costars Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl. Heigl tweeted a couple of cryptic messages about being at a wedding this weekend. If you care to bore yourself, you can look at them here.

Unsurprisingly absent from the guest list was Knight’s other Grey’s”costar, Isaiah Washington, who was fired from the long-running ABC hospital drama after he called Knight a “faggot” during an on-set argument in 2006.

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