Former Kid Actor Blake McIver Gets Buff, Croons About Bullying Gay Kids

blake-mciver-ewing-selfieThis is kind of a late entry to the “It Gets Better” songbook, but we’ll allow it: former child star Blake McIver has released a new song about bullying and optimism and feeling comfortable about yourself.

Blake, you’ll recall, was the adorable “Waldo” in 1994’s The Little Rascals. These days, he’s a super-hunk, flashing his muscular arms and lean physique in skimpy swimwear. When he’s not singing or acting, he’s go-go dancing, and we can hardly take exception to that.

But for his It Gets Better video, he’s kept it modest. He wears a simple tank top as he strolls invisibly through a sinister church, soulfully singing to those oppressed by religion.

He faced some tough times growing up: his parents sent him to a conservative Baptist school where he was abused by his peers. Living well is the best revenge, though, and now he’s blossomed into quite the heartthrob.

In fact, Blake has a whole album out now called The Time Manipulator. It is, as the name suggests, themed around time travel, which is awesome.