Four-Year-Old Asks Australian Prime Minister To Please “Let Boys Marry Boys”

Four-year-old Sabrina Franco has renewed our hope for the future by sending a letter to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott politely asking him to support marriage equality.

The letter, which is written in colored pencil on Disney Princess letterhead, reads:

Dear Tony Abbott,

Don’t get rid of the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Company] because we love it. And let boys marry boys and girls marry girls if they love each other or they’ll be sad forever.



The young advocate was inspired to send the letter after learning about two of her mother’s friends who had to travel to New York to get married after same-sex marriage was banned and then re-banned in Australia last year.

Despite resounding public support of marriage equality in the country, Abbott has been a stick in the mud on the issue. Here’s hoping four-year-old Sabrina can help change his mind.

h/t: Star Observer

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  • jimbryant

    The reason why gay marriage will never come about in Australia is because it has a lot of socially conservative politicians – from both the liberal (Labor) and conservative parties who graduated from religious private schools.

    The reason why so many came through religious private schools is that the government in Australia gives taxpayers’ money to religious private schools, thus bolstering the school budgets and enabling them to provide much better facilities and education than non-privatre schools.

  • ouragannyc

    @jimbryant: Jim, I don’t know the situation in Australia, so you may know more than me.
    But UK, US (Federal), Argentina…also have socially conservative politicians from major parties, yet equality has prevailed. Regardless of religious education, there comes a time when the political leadership’s vote must reflect public opinion in order to stay relevant.

  • jwrappaport

    @ouragannyc: How has equality prevailed in the United States? Sure, the fed recognizes gay marriage and things are on the upswing, yet there are no marriage rights or employment protections for the majority of Americans. Our politicians are being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and it hasn’t been easy or pretty.

  • alanj

    Well ‘never’ is a very long time that’s how ridiculous your statement is.
    A Federal election is due in 2016, the current Coalition Government is on the nose in the polls already, so assuming Labor/ Greens get in marriage equality will soon follow.
    If in the meantime there is a leadership challenge, who knows what will happen?
    Polls show the majority of Australians have no problem with marriage equality.
    Never say never.

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