France’s Gay McDonald’s Ad Goes to Iran

The gay-friendly (or is it gay-ignorant) McDonald’s ad that’s popping up in France has the queers feeling warm fuzzies about deep-fried McNuggets and double quarter-pounds with heart disease. But what happens when that same ad goes through Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s filter?

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  • Jon B

    You find problems with anything, huh? This ad is adorable. Why find fault where there is none?

  • fredo777

    Why would the France ad be “gay-ignorant”?


    I am fairly certain they are refering to this:

    I would ask that everyone please click the above link to see exactaly what the scumbag savage islamic fundamentalists (Before you begin to scream about my choice of verbage here click first, then reply) did to two Gay teens, who were 14 and 16 years old when they were first arrested………

  • 7

    Oh, wait, this isn’t a joke? I could’ve sworn it was.

    Wait, yes it is. That same channel has a video of that contestant on Phillipinas Got Talent neighing like a horse.

  • Andrew

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I don’t care what anyone says about Israel, — at least they aren’t hanging gay people, lashing woman for wearing jeans and forcing children aged ten to work sixteen hour days.

    Seems to me like the rest of the Muslim world should take a note.


    @Andrew: 100% Co-Sign, Iran murdered those two Gay kids in front of a cheering mob of thousands, and was there any publicity about that in the manistream media??? I first saw those pics about two years ago, I still get fillled with both rage and tears when I look at them……..

  • fagburn


    There was a lot of press in the UK about it.
    Few bothered to mention that their crime wasn’t “being gay” but they raped a child at knifepoint.

  • rodrigo

    okay, Ive got to admit that I am not fluent in french, but I pretty much understood that the guy was looking at his class picture and then he got a call saying that he misses (the person on the phone) and then the dad says how much he liked taking class pictures when he was young and how unlucky his son is to have no girls in his class…no idea where queerty picked up on the gay iranian boyfriend…or maybe they were trying to be funny and I missed the whole point..?


    @fagburn: No you are sadly mistaken. They were lovers and somewhat careless about their relationship. They were initially arrested and tried for simply being Gay. They were both sentenced to 200 lashes. Because after 30 lashes the flesh and muscle is ripped from your body. After each session they were sent back to a filthy dirty prison cell to “recover” and once the woulds somewhat healed, they were subject to the same torture over and over again. Once they were near the completion of the 200 lash sentence and evidence they were continously tortured by the guards in the prison and were about to be set free suddenly after almost two years “new crimes they committed were discovered” the bogus rape charge. They were tried and then after two years of torture sentenced to death. They were driven to the public square in a cage, and then placed on the back of a flatbed truck and had the ropes placed around their necks. In front of a cheering mob of thousands. The “civil” way to hang someone is to put them on top of a trap door and then pull the trap, resulting in almost immediate death by your neck being snapped. For these two kids, the blindfolds were removed so they could see the cheering mob and each other. The truck then moved forward slowly, ensuring a slow torureous death by strangulation………

  • fagburn


    No, I can understand how moved and angry you are about this, but with respect sorry, you are mistaken.
    The idea that they were killed “just because they were gay” is simply not true, it comes from a press release put out by Outrage based on a misreading of an item on an Iranian news service – no one who’s looked into the case still believes that story.
    If it was a capital crime just to be gay – or to have gay sex in Iran – don’t you think there’d be public executions every day, wouldn’t there?
    Their murder by the Iranian state was a great crime, any public execution is obscene, but so is raping a child.

  • terrwill

    @fagburn: Sharia law does call for the execution of persons for Gay sex. It is undeniable, verified,and a fact. These kids were tortured with 224 lashes, spend 14 months in prison while the series of tortures were given. Why then only at the end of their sentence did the “rape” charge suddenly appear?

    I really can not go on here. I can not believe that I am actually attempting to reason with someone who would believe the vile lies spewed by the the government of Iran with any issue having to do with anything Gay…………

  • Jurlesia

    @fagburn: “no one who’s looked into the case still believes that story.”

    Where have you been sourcing your info on this case? Please point us to where it has been clearly established that these children did in fact deserve this draconian form of public torture, humiliation, and murder.

  • Yuki

    @rodrigo: It’s not that his boyfriend is Iranian; they’re saying that they don’t want to know how badly Iran would censor it.

    The ad is basically the boy talking to his significant other while looking at their class picture, and hangs up the phone. It sounds like he’s talking to a girlfriend, because they’re relying on the idea that the vast majority of people are heterosexual; the dad then says that he wishes the class had girls, not just boys. It’s implying a homosexual relationship.

  • fagburn


    Ask Scott Long who heads the gay team at Human Rights Watch – they’ve got workers in Iran who’ve investigated this case more thoroughly than I can and are neutral.
    Iran is certainly a vile regime and one of the worst places in the world to be queer, but the story that Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were executed just because they were gay lovers is a fiction.

  • Jurlesia

    @fagburn: you basically just admitted you don’t know and frankly unless you can point to some concrete sources of reliable information instead of hearsay you will not be convincing anyone otherwise. please do not disseminate rumors as if they are fact, especially when you don’t know. completely irresponsible.

  • fagburn


    You asked me “Where have you been sourcing your info on this case?” and I did.


    @fagburn: Sorry EPIC FAIL. While I commend you for not bringing the personal insults that usually are spewed about on Queerty St, Based on the horrific track record regarding anything Gay with any government entity within any muslim country I take anything gleamed from the government of Iran as pure bullshit.. They were getting tremendous heat from the religous fanatic scumbags that these two kids were about to be released from prison and suddenly after 14 months, the rape charges were “discovered”?? These two kids were unfortunately way too open in showing their sexuality. The “religous” leaders were furious about the sudden influx of Western ways and the emerging acceptance of Gay youth. They demanded these kids be made an example of. When you see two Gay teens suffering such a horrific slow tortorus death in a public square in front of a cheering mob of thousands of vile scumbags after being tortured by having their flesh ripped off 224 times that sends a real good message to hide real far in the back of ones closet………..

  • fagburn

    Okay. I agree that the Iranian state regularly lies, and it’s clear that it uses homophobia as a weapon of propoganda.
    But I don’t understand why, if the Iranian authorities wanted “to send a message” they charged the boys with committing male rape, not having gay sex.

    It’s not a question of the rape charges being suddenly “discovered” after two years – that was always the charge.
    The story that Iran had changed the charge comes from Outrage – in fact it was Outrage that changed their story.
    The primary source Outrage cited was a news story on the Iranian Student’s News Agency (ISNA), a state-funded Persian language website.
    However Outrage claimed: “A later news story by Iran In Focus [sic – an English language website critical of the Iranian regime], allegedly based on this original ISNA report, claimed the youths were executed for sexually assaulting a 13 year-old boy. But the ISNA report does not mention any sexual assault.”
    Hadi Ghaemi, Human Rights Watch’s Iran researcher – and a native Farsi speaker pointed out that OutRage had made a basic error in claiming the first ISNA report “did not mention any sexual assault.”
    Ghaemi said it makes it clear in both the headline and first sentence that the men were hanged for “sodomy by coercion” (“Lavat beh onf”)…

  • Jaroslaw

    1. I don’t get this ad at all, maybe I’m too old? I don’t find it funny or annoying. It just doesn’t make sense. Yuki – how do you determine its an implied Gay relationship when he says “I’m thinking of you, NOT in a Gay way?”

    2. Fagburn – why that name? Kind of negative don’t you think?

    3. I don’t know if we will ever know for sure about those two boys in Iran. I have belonged to many groups for years and people will have conflicting histories about something as recent as the previous month’s meeting! Although Fagburn raises an interesting point that if the msg was to discourage Gay sex, then why would the charge be rape of a minor? What about it Play’s well?


    @Jaroslaw: Because they needed to invent a charge that they felt would be acceptable to the West for the murder of two teen boys they were about to commit. Child rape seems to fit the bill.

    Again, I can not phathom how anyone that can identify themselves as Gay can believe for a second anything that comes from any govenement of any muslim country defending their actions against any Gay person. There are countless horrific acts perpetuated on Gays in the Mid East every day. Gluing their asses shut with surgical glue, then duretics causing diarreah basicaly causing the person to explode, drilling holes directley into the bones with an electric drill, suspending them by ropes in front of a mirror and being lowered into a wood chipper, All sanctioned by the governments………

  • Jaroslaw

    Dear Play –

    I figured out the answer as soon as I hit the send button.

    NO!!!! I do not believe anything that comes from a Muslim government about Gays. I was offering my comments based on information from what appeared to be a variety of sources. I have great sympathy for the young men who were savagely murdered and actually wrote a letter to someone in the State Dept. at the time. I forget who. However, unless one makes this their life mission (and even then) I’m not sure what changes you or I can accomplish in Muslim countries.

  • olen

    @fredo777: because it shows a clueless Dad and a closeted kid.


    @Jaroslaw: The second part wasn’t directley addressed to you, simply venting my disgust with anyone who can even consider believing anything spewed by those scumbags regarding any Gay issue.

    As to change in the muslim culture: There is absolute zero chance of that ever occuring. A culture that condones the situation of those two teens being murdered in front of a cheering crowd, they even removed their blindfolds so they would see each other die a slow torturous death……A culture where a girl who is raped is brought to the village square, buried up to her shoulders and then stoned to death by a mob including her Father and Brother simply for being raped. Because her rape brought “shame”to the family……..You can not change those savages……..They are simply wired differently than we are. Their accepted ways are reprehensive, animals do not kill for any reason other than protection or food. Those cultures are simply sub human…………..

  • Jaroslaw

    #23 apparently the Dad isn’t clueless or he wouldn’t bother to say “not in the Gay way.” Nor is the kid closeted- he wouldn’t say “not in the Gay way” either. That just brings MORE attention to his feelings about another guy.

    I’ve really tried to think this through, but this ad just makes no sense.

  • olen

    oh my god – Jaroslaw! This version is a parody and meant to be a joke about the rampant homophobia in Iran! HELLO!

  • Jaroslaw

    #26 okay it is a parody. (I guess). It still doesn’t make sense, because companies spend money to produce ads to SELL their products; not to offend the customers.

  • ewe

    Well the ad depicts how gay people love straight people and are tolerating them.

  • Jaroslaw

    Dear Play – PS – I didn’t take your comments as completely and only directed at me. So I answered just to make sure! Thanks

  • olen

    @Jaroslaw: OMG JAROSLAW! McDonald’s DID NOT MAKE THE PARODY! Where are you from? There must be an explanation as to why you don’t get the joke. Germany? Eastern Europe? Poland?

  • Yuki


    Oops! I gotta be honest, I didn’t look at the video; I thought it was just a copy-paste of the original, which DID imply a gay relationship. Judging from what the subs in this “Iranian” version… I think it’s a satire. Not to mention it’s posted under “comedy”.

  • Bill Perdue

    The original video is very good, and I might – might – buy a Quarter Pounder if it’s aired extensively in North America. But just the one.

    Regarding the Iranian killings, there have been thousands of them, all marked by torture and state sponsored murder.

    Religion is the enemy. Religion is humankinds greatest tragedy.

    That’s true whether we’re talking about zionists blackmailing Palestinian gay refugees. Or US christers sponsoring African dominationists experimenting with pogromist laws. Or roman cult campaigns to spread HIV-AIDS. Or islamist jihadist killings if GLBT folks in muslim countries. (If those laws work in Uganda you can be sure they’ll try importing them.)

    One of our long term goals has to be the suppression of religious bigots.

    Short term goals could include campaigns to tax the cults, to secularize their schools and to demand that Obama and H. Clinton offer open ended asylum and social services to all LGBT folks in danger of imprisonment, torture or death.

    That’s especially important because the US is the origin of much of the anti-GLBT violence in muslim nations and in Africa.

  • fredo777

    @olen: Nonsense. The ad isn’t ignorant because it depicts a kid who might be gay but not quite comfortable telling his father yet. That’s not gay-ignorant, that’s just a part of life for some gay teens.

  • B

    No. 4 · 7 wrote, “Oh, wait, this isn’t a joke? I could’ve sworn it was. Wait, yes it is. That same channel has a video of that contestant on Phillipinas Got Talent neighing like a horse.”

    Enjoy it while you can as the fake ad will likely be censored once the powers that be find out about it.

    Bet if you listen to the fake and the original, you’ll notice that all that changed is the subtitles. That trick was used with a film call “The Downfall” about Hitler’s last days in his bunker. The film was in German. As the economy melted down in 2008, someone produced a spoof taking the German original and adding subtitles about 401Ks, etc., using a scene in which Hitler blew up as he talked to his generals. It was funny but then the corporate types got wind of it and had the video banned (even though parody is a fair use under copyright law).

  • B

    No. 27 · Jaroslaw wrote, “#26 okay it is a parody. (I guess). It still doesn’t make sense, because companies spend money to produce ads to SELL their products; not to offend the customers.”

    You don’t get it – the parody was not made by a company pushing a product but by a third party having fun by trying to be funny. Whether you like the humor or not, of course, is up to you.

  • Jaroslaw

    Liking it B isn’t the issue. I still don’t get it, thanks to all who tried to help. And with all the exchanges we’ve had, do you think I don’t know what parody is? I just don’t see it in this.

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