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FRC’s Peter Sprigg: Teaching Kids About Homosexuals Will Make Them Homosexuals

Oh good! Fox & Friends‘s Gretchen Carlson and FRC’s Peter Sprigg on the same television segment. It’s about including gays and lesbians in school sex ed classes — but with names like these, you already know where the conversation is going. Gretchen is the gal who can’t believe homosexual men can play straight, and Peter is the gent who doesn’t want DADT repealed because it’ll make The Gays more rape-y.

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  • Cam

    Ok, you want to know why I think that most or all of these fanatical anti-gay bigots are actually closet cases? This is why.

    They seem to think that being a homosexual is so desirable, so enticing that merely finding out that gays exist is enough to turn kids gay. The ONLY people who would think this way, are people to whom….being a homosexual seems desirable.

    I know plenty about straight people, never turned me straight.


    Peter Sprigg the cadavar who walks and talks!! Good gawd why won’t you and you evil minions leave us the fuck alone???? There is much truth to the saying “doeth protest too much” These vile scumbags spend every waking day spewing hate on all things Gay in the name of religion.

    Here is a simple line of reasoning I am hoping all on our side will adopt:

    You are entitled to any beliefs you may wish to adopt. However your beliefs do not supercede our rights as citizens of the United States. We are entitled to the same rights and protections as any other class of citizens And you have no right to impose your beliefs upon our rights

  • Brutus

    Teaching kids about homosexuals will make them MORE LIKELY TO REALIZE THAT HOMOSEXUALS EXIST AND THEY MIGHT BE ONE. It’s not going to change whether anyone IS gay.

  • ron

    Yeah, that’s what turned me gay – hearing people call me faggot, sissy, nellie, queer…..Wow! I wanna BE one! Assholes.

  • Sean

    Maybe I’m just weird because I was raised by nurses but…

    Where is it that the average child doesn’t know “the names of the sex organs” or about the existence of gay people by 1st or 2nd grade? This is the sort of thing where, if I wasn’t told about it, I still would have heard it at school.

    And what about people who are raised by gay parents or have a classmate like that?

    And are Gretchen’s kids mentally retarded or just wildly misinformed? Divorce is a pretty simple idea (though often messy in practice).

    Why did Peter drag whatever bizarre beliefs he has about sexuality-based bullying into this?

    I sometimes think that this is the main way that irrational beliefs survive in the world. People just shoot off rapid-fire BS faster than it can be reasonably addressed.

  • BumBoyofBeelzebub

    Oh dear skypixie, that old chestnut !

    Is heterosexuality so fragile that now you only have to hear about gayness and the entire glass edifice of straightness will crumble to reveal nothing but a barren plane of buggering homosexuals??

    Amazing! At least in the old days the loons said a young man had to at least sample cock and then he would never want to go back to pussy ever again. Now it has all moved on and for this new generation the mere hearing about sodomy and a boy’ll be proffering his arse to any passing throbbing sausage.

  • Ricky

    Wow! Levkoff was eloquently spoken and made sense. The other two… not so much. I kind of got a “bandwagon” feel for the two of them when they spoke. Shoot… I was exploring sexual related themes when I was in first grade. Granted, it was a game of sorts, but still sexual in nature. Kids pick up on sexual stuff early. It could be from peers or family, but they are getting the information. Since it is a taboo subject, most are more than likely going to keep their knowledge secret.

  • Jen

    I love that he thinks teasing and taunting is ever okay. Aren’t we trying to teach kids NOT to taunt? What an ass.

  • Sceth

    OMG a reasonable speaker on Fox!

  • Rashid

    Shelter? Great. Then keep sheltering your own kids. Scum.

  • Cam

    Ok, Gretchen Carlson says that her kids still don’t understand what “Divorce” means? Sounds like Gretchen may want to check her house for lead paint chips.

  • dvlaries

    Is lil’ Petey divorced, widowed or never married…?
    What woman that loves him would let out of the house with a rug that bad…?

  • Devon

    Gretchen Carlson is an idiot even by Faux News standards. I feel so sorry for that woman’s kids.

  • Jaroslaw

    The super obvious question/answer to this rectum-head – Since Gays have always been here on planet earth since the beginning of time, where did we come from when no on mentioned us?

    Hard to believe even he hasn’t heard Walt Whitman’s famous “love that dare not speak its name” !!!

  • hyhybt

    @Sean: I didn’t know there was such a thing until reading a magazine article on AIDS in sixth grade. I’d expect those coming along now to know sooner, but then, looking back, I don’t know how I remained in the dark so long either.

  • dan

    He seems to have just admitted he is a homosexual since he spends all day thinking about, contemplating, and learning about homosexuals. No heterosexual seeks out a job where they talk about homosexuals and homosexual sex all the time the way these folks do. If he is married to a woman and tell her he is straight, she must wonder “what the f*ck kind of loser spends all day thinking about homosexuals if he isn’t one?”

  • c

    gretchen’s kids are so stupid hahaha

  • Matt

    Ideology is a part of everyones politics; we have visions of what we want a society to look like and are more or less motivated to participate in the shaping of it. That being said, pragmatism must be included in ones conceptions. When Logan claims that questions of oral sex arise frequently in her discussions with 5th graders, Gretchen says “Well, that’s still too young.” That’s an ideological suppression. Gretchen has simply suppressed the tougher discussion of what kids, living in this particular media-soaked context, know and replaced it with the idea of what they ought to know. Yes, maybe I wouldn’t want my kid to know about oral sex in grade 5, but if they do know they can’t unlearn it, so I should think about what steps I need to take to educate them in a mature manner, not plug my ears and go “la la la la la.”

  • Jaroslaw

    #17 I get your point, kids can’t unlearn stuff but it is also true one can over do it. The Question “Where do babies come from” may not need an explicit, elaborate description of hetero intercourse but simply – “out of the mother’s tummy” may suffice. Granted this example is for kids younger than 5th grade probably, but still – if kids know soooooo much, I still want to know why teen pregnancy is rampant. Seems they hand out birth control (condoms) everywhere or am I mistaken?

  • Jeffree

    Sprigg’s logic is loosey-goosey: i knew I was a homosexual long before I knew that other people might be as well.

    I can tell you exactly when that thought happened: family reunion, I was 5 and one half. My aunt’s then-boyfriend took his shirt off to play volleyball on the beach.

    i must have stared at him for twenty minutes, thinking to my self “I want summa that”.

    He is now my uncle, he is still supah-fine, and he knows that story. He’s a world class carpenter and proud of all his neices & nephhews, including the lgb ones !

    And it’s no coincidence that my hunka delicious Swiss Cheese bf looks like him !

  • Jeffree

    Sprigg’s logic doesn’t pass muster.

    I learned I was a homosexual long before I knew anyone else was.

    Age 5, me at a family reunion. My aunt’s fiancé took his shirt off to play volleyball.

    I must have stared at him for 20 minutes thinking “I want summa that.”

    He’s a world-class carpenter and a great uncke, now & proud of all his nieces & nephhews, including the LGB ones.

    it’s no coincidence that my own hunka swiss cheese bf looks a lot like him !

  • Michael

    This is such bullshite. In the late 70’s, when I was in 2nd grade, I was being called a fag. It’s unreal this guy thinks kids today in 1st grade are so clueless they just have no idea what it means to be a fag.

  • Rick

    @Jen: And how would he feel if kids are teasing his kids about being “Christian”

  • Randy

    These people are not right in the head! I was 4 years old and knew I was gay. I started having sex with girls, because I am from a small midwestern town, when I was 10 years old. My mom and dad never ever told me or my brothers and sister about sex. We didn’t talk about it in our house. I learned from reading and getting my information from the streets. These right wing christians would think that if kids are not getting the right information, and teen pregnancy rates are high, you would think that they would want kids to get the right information about sexualality. They are stupid if they think kids don’t already know this stuff, especially in the computer age where any information is available at the touch of a button. Get real and get with the 21st century. Know matter what you try to do, kids are going to find out what they want to know. They old arguement is, sex should be taught by parents in the home. That is not where they are finding it out, because parents do not like talking about sex with there kids. Which I find irresponsible! It’s not going to happen at home, but it has to happen and school is the next best place. And unles you want to see the continuing rise of teen pregnancy, all you stupid people over at fox, need to get with the right program.

  • Randy

    One more thing. I find that those who talk so much against sex and all that goes along with it are the most perverse in the bedroom. The old joke goes, Republican and Democratic Congressmen alike have sexual affairs. It’s just that the Democrats have sex with women! Funny but true!

  • Jaroslaw

    Randy – I think it is true that studies show more information delays first sexual contact – it sure worked for my brother & me. I kinda figured I was Gay for a number of reasons, but when my dad poured on the sex ed at age 12, the girl parts looked positively scary! My dad had us learn all the names and then he gave us a test, with diagrams and all.

    Still, it seems what can anyone or any society do if you were sexually active at 10 years old? That seems awfully young to me to have full fledged intercourse, which is what I think you were speaking of.

  • Jaroslaw

    Here is a question the great Mitch Albom brought up on his radio show several weeks ago – how come the MOST important discussions on any TV show are always limited to 3 or 5 or 7 minutes? All News stations are on 24 hours a day, so why the rush? I mean MOST news stories can probably be covered in 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but the urgent issue of the day ideally should get 30 minutes.

    I think they put shit like this on for ratings, not to provide news, not to educate. Which is what the great hope was for television when it was introduced in the 40’s and 50’s. People were supposed to be uplifted by watching great plays and art as well as be entertained.

    Frankly, we should all call CNN and say “hey, this sexuality stuff or the war in Iraq or whatever is really important and you should devote at least 15 or 20 minutes to it.” Three minutes for this is totally ridiculous. Oh sorry, 3 minutes 18 seconds!

  • shanelle

    I’ve got three words to say about Peter Sprigg:
    He high

    I left one word out because it’s not classy, like me.

    words: Shanelle
    editorial assistance: Goochi
    snacks: Dollar Store
    evening wear: Prada
    TV plans: unsure
    dating status: free after Tuesday

  • ewe

    I was indoctrinated about heterosexual people from a very young age and it did not do a thing for me or to me.

  • Jeffree

    I wasn’t too clear on my earlier post. I knew I liked men before I’d ever heard that there was such a thing as a homosexual.

    Based on lots of conversations with both gay women & men, we were *aware* of our orientation +before+ realizing any one else was like us.

    There was no indoctrination. Nothing any one could have done would have turned the tide.


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