From Tim Russert to David Gregory: A Meet The Press Timeline

While there’s no direct gay link, everyone here at Queerty (read: your editor) is obsessed with Meet the Press and so we wanted to draw attention to sister site Jossip’s fantastic breakdown of how the show has gone from Tim Russert to (wah-wah) David Gregory:

JOSSIP IN-DEPTH – David Gregory will be your next Meet The Press moderator, even if nobody on the inside is confirming it. On Gregory’s end, his agent won’t confirm the news probably because the contract isn’t finalized and signed yet, even if the verbal arrangement is in place. Same goes for 30 Rock’s insistence that Gregory isn’t their man yet. But it’s pretty much all said and done at this point. The Times‘ Bill Carter says NBC “settled on David Gregory,” which almost sounds like an inadvertent backhand. The Washington Post‘s media recycler Howard Kurtz claims the two are in “advanced negotiations,” though two sentences later covers his butt by adding, “if not derailed at the last minute.”