From Tim Russert to David Gregory: A Meet The Press Timeline

While there’s no direct gay link, everyone here at Queerty (read: your editor) is obsessed with Meet the Press and so we wanted to draw attention to sister site Jossip’s fantastic breakdown of how the show has gone from Tim Russert to (wah-wah) David Gregory:

JOSSIP IN-DEPTH — David Gregory will be your next Meet The Press moderator, even if nobody on the inside is confirming it. On Gregory’s end, his agent won’t confirm the news probably because the contract isn’t finalized and signed yet, even if the verbal arrangement is in place. Same goes for 30 Rock’s insistence that Gregory isn’t their man yet. But it’s pretty much all said and done at this point. The Times‘ Bill Carter says NBC “settled on David Gregory,” which almost sounds like an inadvertent backhand. The Washington Post‘s media recycler Howard Kurtz claims the two are in “advanced negotiations,” though two sentences later covers his butt by adding, “if not derailed at the last minute.”


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  • ggreen

    I am one of the few that remembers “Meet the Press” when it actually meant Politicians meeting a panel of skeptical press people. It stood for something dry and wonky to be sure, but in those days Wonkette, Drudge and The Note didn’t exist and NBC didn’t cover for GE and the Corporatocracy exclusively. Thanks to Tim Russert the program is nothing but a place for beltway elite to preen and compliment each other during an hour-long reach around. Meet the Press has no credibility neither does David Gregory so it’s a great match.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Okay, I don’t really pay attention to a lot of pop culture or prime time television. That doesn’t mean I’m blind, deaf, or dumb though. For example, I certainly know who Tina Fey is, remember her from SNL, know she has a TV show called “30 Rock,” and of course the whole Sarah Palin impersonation thing.

    As I read through all this stuff about Meet the Press (I do watch Sunday morning television) I keep coming across references to “30 Rock” that seem to be used in place of NBC. Is there a connection here I’m simply not aware of? I went to Urban Dictionary and they simply have 30 Rock as Tina Fey’s show. I’ve never seen the show, so I need more info please.

    You are also free to ridicule me for not ever seeing the show. =-)

  • charles

    30 Rockefeller Plaza (“30 Rock”) is the headquarters building of NBC in New York and where the news division is based.

  • ChicagoJimmy


    Excellent. Thanks Charles. Can you tell me how that name also applies to Tina Fey’s show?

  • MatthewScott

    Bwa ha ha ha. Touche’ Ggreen!

  • GranDiva

    Tina Fey’s show is set at NBC.

  • steve


    that’s guy’s a major douchebag

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    David Gregory was Bush’s dancing Press Corp Rapper (of 3 white guys) probably somewhere on YouTube and will sink the show into partisanship and probably be a media thorn to the Obama administration. It’s like Andrea Mitchell on more sleeping pills. No!

    Why not Rachel Maddow? The “Goddess of Reason”

    There is no Obama God after all…

  • Leland Frances

    Bravo, GGreen, for daring to criticize St. Timothy. While he was admirable in many ways, such as including the story of a gay man in one of his books, he abused the “Gotcha” approach to interviewing, inexcusably paraded his devout Catholicism [I thought he was going to fall behind his desk in genuflection and tears every time he reverently cooed “THE HOLY FATHER.”], and was an early eager puppet pulled by the slimy strings of the Bush Propaganda War to get us into Iraq. He was far better than sophomoric Chris Matthews, but many of his decisions were shameful including inviting a “reporter” for Pat Robertson’s “‘Xtian Broadcast Network” to sit with reporters on his show who, in working for media companies with no naked allegiance to religiosity, at least had some CLAIM to “objectivity,” though, of course, it doesn’t actually exist anywhere.

  • RLS

    There’s a black man in the white house, but old white guys will control the news until the end of time. I think Gwen Ifill would’ve been an inspired pic. MTP has been on for, what, 70 years now? Has it ever been anchored by anyone who isn’t a white male?

  • mark

    Gwen Iffil, Andrea Mitchell and cute and smart Chuck Todd were in the running for the meet the press anchor job, any of them would be VASTLY superior to Karl Rove’s hip hop dance partner and Bush’s BUTT BOY David Gregory…his 1600 show should be cancelled, “he gives me gas”

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