Naugle Changes Tourism Agenda To Include "Families"

Ft. Lauderdale, Naugle Celebrate “Diversity”

Fort Lauderdale’s city commissioners came together last night after a long summer break. As part of their first meeting since Jim Naugle’s now infamous robo-toilet campaign, the Commissioners voted on and passed a new diversity resolution.

Naugle, naturally, held things up a bit.

The resolution says that the city “would condemn any statement or action that shows disrespect for any segment of our population or that violates Our Values” and that the city has a diverse population of “varying races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations.”

The mayor voted in favor, after he had the words “and families” added to a line that voices support for the county’s tourism bureau marketing the city to “diverse groups.” Now it reads “diverse groups and families.”

Naugle also went on to say that his anti-gay propaganda isn’t “hate speech”. Funny, it sounds like it to us.

Speaking of hate speech, Naugle supporter Reverend O’Neal Dozier offered this nauseating comment:

God sees homosexuality as an abomination. It is something that causes him to want to vomit… It is just that ungodly and just that nasty.*

Talk about wanting to wretch!

Question: Can God vomit? To vomit, he’d have to eat. If he eats, what’s his favorite food? We think Spaghetti-Os or something gross like that. Not that he’d admit it, of course.