Fumo Attempts Divorce Smoke Out

Pennsylvania politico Vincent Fumo certainly got cheeky today.

In an attempt to squash a gay marriage amendment, which went to the state’s Senate yesterday, Fumo hopes to add on his own stipulation:

[Fumo’s] amendment would “outlaw the dissolution of most marriages in Pennsylvania,” he said in a news release. That would mean there would be few legal ways for the divorce of a married couple, a man and a woman.

Mr. Fumo, who leaves the Senate on Nov. 30, said the stated goal of Senate Bill 1250 is to “protect the sanctity of the marital institution” by defining a legal marriage as only between one man and one woman.

The next logical step, according to Mr. Fumo, is to also outlaw divorces, except for five specific reasons: if one spouse “willfully or maliciously” deserts the other; if one spouse uses “cruel and barbarous treatment” on the other; if a person endangers his or her spouse’s health or life; if one spouse is found to be a bigamist; or if one spouse “imposes indignities to make the other spouses’s life intolerable and burdensome.”

The Republican controlled Congress ain’t likely to approve his amendment to the amendment, but he gets our useless vote for trying!